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Joe Meisch ‏@TempleMassager #soldiers are conditioned to reach for our weapon, as vets we may reach for drugs/alcohol. Temple Massager is an alternative to reach for. #Startup

For 13 years I stood ready to serve others in need by wearing the Army uniform. I was called to duty several times to help those who could not help themselves. I could feel every fiber in my body striving to help others, my resolve was unstoppable and I loved every second of it, to render assistance to my fellow countrymen. I wanted to stand tall for others. Not to be but to be for others so that they may carry on. A calling to carry the load of my brothers and sisters of the world. Please let me, I beg you please.  I am putting all I have left to helping through the Temple Massager. I am so amazed that the Temple Massager is being appreciated and helpful that I can not believe I am allowed to continue to be strong for others. Thank you to my mother and father and my creator! Thank you to the US Army for the training and skills to dig deep and drive through. I feel gratitude and appreciation to be able to continue to serve my society.  Gratefully, Joe Meisch.

Just talked with Walter Red Warrior family support, we are realigning Temple Massager to donate Temple Massager 1.0 to there facility. They asked me how many will I be donating of the Temple Massager 1.0 and I said my molds are good for 1 million parts so the donations are unlimited effectively. HM3 -Navy staff asks me are you sure you want your donations to go to Warrior, wounded, ill, staff, caregivers, employees? I said yep. They are for anyone affiliated with Walter Reed. They were a little bewildered by my offer. They said they think the Temple Massagers will help many people. TO give is freeing to me, feels so good I feel blinded by the light. Peace.

Post has attachment  is now donating a Temple Massager for every sale! We will be #Donating   #troops   s at Bethesda National Naval Medical Center. We have donated over 1,300 and proud to donate further. #mindfulness  

It has taken many years to reach this point in the Temple Massager evolution. The Temple Massager is gong to be looked at by a Dr at Walter Reed for Mind Body Autism calming. 
We passed an initial exam at Massachusetts General Hospital for Mind Body Calming for PTS TBI stress injury. We have an initial pass at a major Army Medical Center and Temple Massager is now being forwarded for further exam and finally next semester the TM will be examined by a grad student at USC.   #meditation   #startup   #veterans  

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Congratulations to the Ranger Class of 08-15!

"You're leaving Victory Pond here today with a small piece of cloth on your shoulders.  More importantly, you carry the title of Ranger. From here on out, your subordinates, your peers, your leaders, will always expect you to be able to handle the toughest tasks,”  Maj. Gen. Scott Miller, commander, Maneuver Center of Excellence.

Pictured here: #USArmy Ranger graduates.

U.S. Army photos by Markeith Horace

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@TempleMassager cutting edge #startup creates combat tested Mind Body Calming #product. Mental focusing tool for pre-#meditation calming.

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Hello Google+ for small business. I am an Army veteran who created a Temple Massager to solve my own facial muscle tension and headaches, then gave the Temple Massager away to troops around the world to include combat troops in Afghanistan. Now medical folks are looking at the Temple Massager for mind body calming/ drug free calming and facial muscle stimulation as a side effect.

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