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“This is your chance to own it
This is your chance, you own it
This is your chance, don’t blow it”
(Black Eyed Peas – Own It Lyrics)

Listening to these lyrics while driving home had me wandering, what I loved about the song.
Besides being a Fergie fan the tune was catchy and my fingers seem to be tapping on the steering wheel.

This is your chance “To Own It”

The words made me think about my business. What did I own that didnt belong to the bank.
It then hit me.
I do own something! I own internet real estate! Thats right!
My website address! My URL! My Domain Name!
It is mine and no one can take it from me including the bank.

When it comes to websites have you thought about this!
Is your website owned by you?
If you purchased the Domain Name of your website then congratulations you are the proud owner.
However if you didnt there is a strong possibility that you may of blown it.
Do a search now on your domain name here >> domains/whois
It will show you who the owner is or the details of the provider.

This is your chance “You Own It”
Contact your web designer or the person who set up your website.
Request a transfer of ownership to you.
The transfer itself can be overwhelming for you but for a web developer it would take less than 30mins to complete.
Time is money, so find a Web developer to complete this job who shouldnt charge more than 1 hour labour.
They will tell you what they need. You can find good web developers at or

This is your chance “Dont Blow It”
If you are yet to get your website up and running. Then start here by not blowing the most important asset of your business.
Your website! Get your Domain Name registered under your name or your business name.
This means both the Registrant and Administrative needs to be under your name or your business name.

You Own It is exactly where all small business owners should be with their websites.
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Web Design Wellington

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Website Development and Online Marketing.

Own a New Zealand Local Business?

It’s time to STOP the confusion and avoid another day being hammered with information of how to get your New Zealand business Online.

Let me help you and your business today
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Web Design Wellington

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Register today for a Free Seminar
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Date: 28th March 2013
Time: 10am - 12pm
Henderson, Auckland
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Web Design Wellington

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Online Marketing Coaching modules available now
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Building website for Small Business Wellington

Work With Me. 

 As a Web developer I have seen most if not all websites being created on design. The internet is changing dramatically and fancy websites are being replaced by content driven websites.

Be a part of this change and position yourself alongside with me.

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