What Can Brands Learn From Crime Story Journalists?

The way journalist use search analytics to frame a story.

This article was give a headline: Why journalists should look at search queries? http://goo.gl/YRaO4 (Read it. It's really interesting).

It could just as well been: Why brands should look at search queries?

Let's say you are the brand manager, or in our terms the ZMOT director, at your company.

You want to be aware of trending stories (from a Press Release point of view). And you want to ask; how can you angle your brand's story with potential searches around a trending incident?

How can you apply the lesson http://goo.gl/YRaO4 from this story to your brand, product or service?

If you have the answer then you are getting closer to defining how to create Zero Moment Of Truth digital content that become turn your client from a sceptic to a buyer.

In other words: you are using search analytics on trending topics to define how to SEO your digital content in such a way that people searching can find your solution..... before the make a purchase decision.
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