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Magic Mike XXL Trailer - My Reaction
I just watched the Magic Mike XXL trailer: This movie trailer treats me like Magic Mike's moves might erase my memory. I am sure that I can remember that the title is not just LARGE, it is Magic Mike XXL. I don't need a power tool thrust to help me remember...

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Gender, Sex and Politics in Korea: What the Saenuri Party really meant by "Prepared Woman President"
The Park Administration response to the Sewol sinking was absolutely inadequate. Protests  and hunger strikes to demand accountability and preventative measures continue to grow five months after over 300 people, mostly students on a field trip, lost their ...

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Pop Culture & Gender: Why Baekma?
Guest post by the band Baekma. KGC readers will know by now that I (Chelle) dislike the term Baekma,so I asked the band why they choose it and how they are using it to call attention to gender issues. Find the band on Facebook  and listen to their music her...

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Queer Corner: Walking while Queer, "homonationalism" and "pinkwashing"
Someone unknown to me commented on my Facebook profile photo (below) sarcastically referencing "homonationalism" and "pinkwashing" because my photo and text (written in Korean) reads "Let's not stigmatize against LGBTQ people." I took this photo in December...

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"On May 31st I was raped in Itaewon"
I do not know how to start this gently, so
I am just going to come out and say it: on May 31st I was raped in Itaewon.   I was out drinking with a friend at G--- Bar
(ladies night) and the last thing I remember was doing shots with a man whom I
had just met...

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On Breastfeeding and Being a New Mom in Korea
Guest Post Written by Cyndie Miniscloux I recently became a mother and moved (back) to Korea when my baby was 2 months old.  Since then I have made observations on the mother’s experience here in Korea.  The following are just my perceptions, but perhaps th...

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Attend my talk on Korea's Sex Trafficking Prevention Act, International Norms & Local Legal Rhetoric
I will present a part of my research this Friday afternoon at the International Studies Academic Conference hosted by Yonsei University. The event will run from 1PM to 6PM in New Millenium Hall Room 101. I am the last speaker on the second panel in the flye...

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Korea Pride Fest unofficial after-party
Passing along information about the Korea Pride Fest unofficial after-party with Meet Market at CLUB MWG in Seoul. ABOUT The Meet Market: The Meet Market is a safe space and party for the LGBTQIA* community and their allies in Seoul and S. Korea and has bee...

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Does "Get your arse out, mate" Trivialize Sexism and Street Harassment?
The Guardian posted “ 'Get your arse out, mate': we turn the tables on everydaysexism – video” which is getting praise from some, but I am critical of the
video and that praise. You can watch it here: The Everyday Sexism Project  that inspired The Guardian’...

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Seoul Event by Hollaback! Korea: Let's put an end to street harassment in our communities!
Join Hollaback! Korea in Seoul for a discussion about street harassment and how we can end it. Hollaback! Korea supporters will meet Saturday, February 8 from 2-4PM at Ben James coffee shop near Hapjeong station exit 5. Hollaback Site leaders from Seosan an...
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