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By the middle of this post, I was crying like a baby. Some of this pictures showcase the power of the human spirit so perfectly.

I think I'm getting better at not jumping on every damn piece of DLC ever. I haven't bought the last couple Blizzard mounts or pets (I think they're cool, I just know I wouldn't use them), and I only BRIEFLY thought of resubbing to SWTOR to get the taun-taun pet.

I'll probably still buy D3 Collector's Edition, tho. I'm not THAT strong yet.

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You know, as much as I rag on Kurtz (And deservedly so), he does have his good days. I stumbled on this comic randomly, and just like the first time I read it, a palpable pang of sadness thrilled through my body, because it's so damn true.

Then I laughed at myself because man. I probably would have been starving and out of a job most of the time, which would have ticked Anna off, and we would have had a messy breakup or something, so it's probably all for the best, right?

Screw it. Since +Geoffrey Paulson and +Alex Ziebart have SWTOR now, I'm buying it. I won't play it more than casually, though.

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We still have a voice. We can make a difference. It's sort of nice to be reminded of that every once in a while.
I just got a call from #GoDaddy. The rep said he noticed that I'd transferred my 60+ domains away, and wanted to know if I'd tell them why. I got to tell them that it was because of their #SOPA support, and that I couldn't in good conscience give my money to a tech company that would support legislation like that. I told him I was aware that they had reversed their position, but that their explicit support of it in the first place had cost them my confidence in them, as it is at the best viciously ignorant, and at worst, malicious. The rep was quite sincere in his apology to me, asked if there was anything they could do to win me back. He had a "We support IP protections, and now realize that support of SOPA is too broad" song-and-dance routine that probably came in from a PR memo today. I told him "no thanks", and that was that. I'm impressed by the customer service hustle, but it shows that this little incident really spooked them.

I think that the backlash against their support was a lot more swift and severe than they'd anticipated. Their initially glib "lol, whatever" response was replaced by "oh god, please stop punching us in the quarterly financial report!" real fast.

I feel really bad for the customer service reps that have to do damage control on this. You know that they're going to be pulling overtime this Christmas weekend because their bosses screwed up. The guy I spoke to was professional, but you could tell that he'd made a lot of very similar calls today. He didn't even try to sell me, just sort of accepted it with a "Yup, I hear you, and we're sorry, let us know if we can do anything to get you back". Doesn't change my stance, though.

This is fantastic news on the anti-SOPA front, though. This has demonstrated that we, as consumers, can have an impact where it counts. This legislation is funded and driven by corporate interests, and demonstrating that we are able and willing to impact corporate bottom lines if they support legislation like this sends a very clear message. GoDaddy capitulating is a huge win, because it's the first stone to come out of the wall. Now that GoDaddy has demonstrated that they were taking too much damage to continue with their support of SOPA, it empowers people to exert similar pressure on other companies, and it demonstrates to those companies that there are enough angry people out there that you need to listen up and pay attention.

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Excited about this not as much for the writings, as for the concepts. If this is an average time between missions, with Intra-Squad banter, being able to invite crewmembers to your quarters, and talking with crew and squad about the last mission, I'm really happy. Nice to see a sneak peek at more of the RP stuff as opposed to combat, too!

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So I found some old WoW Real Men of Genius parodies I once wrote. Most of them no longer apply to today's game, and they may or may not be slightly embarassing, but what the hell, here they are:


Darkmoon Special Reserve presents: Real Men of Genius

(Real men of Genius!)

Today we salute YOU, Mister Low level battlegrounds rogue twink!

(Mister low level battlegrounds rogue twink!)

With your dual fiery weapon procs, you make sure that every level 10 newbie trying out battle grounds for the first time learns the meaning of the world "pwned."

(Sweet Elune Someone stop the pain!)

You may play defense. you may play offense. And when you run the flag, you carress that Vanish button like an experienced lover

(Bet he has a flag hack!)

Just be careful about going too far outside town, because you never know when discovery xp will push you into the next bracket!

(500 gold pieces down the drain!)

So grab a Tankard of Darkmoon Special Reserve, oh Lord of the Battlegrounds! Because when the other side stops queueing after you've won 10 games in a row, you sure won't have anything better to do than hang around the auction house and drink!

(Mister low level level battlegrounds rooooooogue twink!)


Darkmoon Special Reserve Presents: Real men of Genius

(Real Men of Genius!)

Today we salute YOU, Mister Dungeon run final boss Ninja Guy!

(Mister Dungeon run final boss Ninja Guy!)

Sure, you seem friendly enough, and everyone's pretty willing to let it pass when you "accidentally" roll Need on the Leather Jerkin of the Bandit.

(Oops my finger must have slipped!)

But despite the fact that you're a warrior, and the Warlock has been on fifty runs in a row looking for his drop, You're gonna take that Oblivion robe, cuz it's gonna make great hanging around in Ogrimmar clothes.

(Hell yeah, I look sexy!)

Some say you do it because you don't know any better. Others say it's because you're a great visionary teaching people to lose thier attachment to petty loot. But really, the general consensus is that you're probably a jerk.

(Hope you die like a pig in hell!)

So pull up a tankard of Darkmoon Special Reserve, you asshole! Because if nothing else, you've just taught four to twenty-four other people the true meaning of the words "Master Loot!"

(Mister Dungeon Run Final Boss Ninja Guy!)


Darkmoon Special Reserve presents: Real Men of Genius!

(Real Men of Genius!)

Today we salute YOU, Mister Critadin DPSer Guy!

(Mr. Critadin DPSer Guy!)

You don't wear a shred of stamina or intellect gear, and never use a heal, and when you finally get in a PUG, you only do half the DPS of a rogue, but you don't pay 15 dollars a month so
someone else can tell you how to play!

(Gonna spam consecrate and break that sheep!)

Sure, The Main Tank only has 200 HP left, and the Healer is out of mana, but you're wearing Overlord's Spaulders of the Tiger, and if you can crit with your Arcanite Reaper just one more time, That Banshee is going DOWN!

(Arcanite Reaper HOOOOOOOOOOOO!)

The best thing to do when The Horde jumps you and your buddies in the wild and Shaman's Earthshocking the priest while the Warlock's fearing the mage all the way back to Stormwind? That's right: Shield and Hearth!

(Discretion is the better part of Valor!)

So Have a Cold Tankard of Darkmoon Special Reserve, Oh Warrior of the Light! Because you're doing it your way, and we gotta respect that... You great big nub.

(Mister Critadin DPSer Guy!)


Darkmoon Special Reserve presents: Real Men of Genius!

(Real Men of Genius!)

Today we salute YOU, Mister Kazzak spawn point watching alt!

(Mister Kazzak Spawn-point watching alt!)

You're not much more than level four, and you're probably still in your newbie clothes, but somehow you've made it all the way down to the Blasted Lands!

(You're a plucky little trooper!)

Using your superhuman powers, you appear at just the right time to get your guild or raiding alliance to the spot and ready to go, before a bored druid kites him to Stormwind!

(Man he totally pwned Bolvar!)

You may be Kazakwatchur the Gnome Mage, or Demonier the Undead Warlock, but if there's a Mage out there who wants an Amberseal Keeper, they can depend on you!

(Gonna get us all some phat lewt!)

So crack open a bottle of Darkmoon Special Reserve, Mister Demon Wrangler! In fact, take two. Because you must work up a mighty thirst standing right next to the gates of Hell itself!

(Thank you, Mister Kazzak spawn-point watching alt!)


Darkmoon Special Reserve presents:Real Men of Genius!

(Real Men of Genius!)

Today we salute YOU, Mister Guy who gives away bags to newbies!

(Mister Guy who gives away bags to Newbies!}

There you are, standing proud in the inn at Goldshire saying, yes, I have a pair of big bags right here!

(I'm telling you those bags are huge!)

Whether its Runecloth gathered from Sorrow Hill or the Twilights of Silithus, or Silk cloth harvested from the Scarlet Monastery, each bag is lovingly handcrafted by you, so that no newbie ever again has to experience the pain of destroying a stack of Crisp Basilisk Urethras so that they can loot Baron Longshore's Head to finish the Quest!

(Man that was worth 5 whole silver!)

Sure, most of the people who get your bags probably have level 60 alts with more money than you'll ever see in a lifetime, because you spend it all on Rune thread. But somehow, it's all worth it, because that occasional true newbie will think you're a god among men!

(We're talking major ego trip!)

So let us treat you to a Tankard of Darkmoon Special reserve, Oh champion cloth farmer, because our bags will always have your name written all over them.

(Mister Guy who gives bags to newbies!)


And just in case you have no idea what Real Men of Genius is, an example:

Bud Light - Mr. Really Really Really Bad Dancer

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I will confess to prefering the L4D2 crew to the original L4D crew, but this looks amazing and I can't wait to see the full version. Helps that they used How To Destroy Angels as the backing music.

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