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Happy Halloween

We are #Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not Forgive
We do not Forget
Expect us !

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Well.. =)

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Microsoft unveiled a new immersive gaming concept, called 'IllumiRoom', at CES.

What's that got to do with Linux? Well, fast forward to 0:48 seconds in their shiny video trailer and you'll see Super Tux Kart in action... 

Though the game is available for Windows, and so seeing it in this isn't a shock, do remember that the game was first release for Linux, and its principal character is based on the Linux mascot Tux (with other characters derived from other FOSS logos)

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(Sun03) Chess + British Humour.

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(Mon02) I am embarassed to admit that 21 million people saw this before me, but this is cool.

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Originally shared by ****
This is actually an old comic; it was drawn last time we had a major shooting in the USA. It makes a great point. 


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Who still wants an invite? You'll want to hurry up and enter before it closes tomorrow night!

Reshare and +1 Please! You will still need to hit the link below to enter :)

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