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IT Services

Without hardware or backend infrastructure no project will work. Our experts establish, monitor and maintain all components of even very complex systems.
Top experts
Best hardware
24 hours service and support
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Website Design & Development

We are designing all of our products with a perfect blend of structure and functionality. Each project combines a great amounts enthusiasm, creative initiative and structured layout.

Our Development Includes:

Prototypes and wireframes
Easy and robust mockups
Clever layouts
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Sharepoint Development

SharePoint is a web application framework and platform developed by Microsoft. SharePoint comprises a multipurpose set of Web technologies packed by a common technical infrastructure.

Features Include:

SharePoint 2010, 2013 and .NET development
Technical architecture planning
Custom solution and web parts
Quality assurance
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Hardware Development

We are capable of handling a project from conception to production, or only through a portion of the development cycle.

A Typical Project May Include:

Preparing a description of the development project based on customer’s requirements.
Prepare proposals based one of more concepts.
Conduct research that may be required to . . . .
Prepare product specifications.
Prepare drawings and software for a breadboard prototype.
Assemble, test and verify operation of prototype.
Prepare pre-production prototype and verify functionality.
Prepare and document production prototype complete with software and hardware notes and specifications.
Prepare manual, operating and maintenance instructions.
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Microstrategy Development

We have experience working with MicroStrategy 9.2 – 9.4.1 components, including: Architect, Desktop, Schema Objects, MicroStrategy Administrator, OLAP Services, BI Developer Kit, Intelligence Server, Object Manager, Integrity Manager, and Command Manager Narrowcast Server, Report Services, Transaction Services, Mobile and Web.

Our Services Include:
Designing and developing BI solutions based on MicroStrategy platform.
MicroStrategy Mobile solutions
Portal Integration
Maintenance of existing MicroStrategy projects.
Schema objects design: Attributes, Facts, Hierarchies, Transformations etc.
Development of interactive dashboards; scorecards; KPIs; highly formatted reports; ad hoc queries; thresholds and alerts.
Performance Tuning
MicroStrategy Security Administration
Configuring, governing, trouble shooting, tuning Intelligence Server, Web Server and Narrowcast Server
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