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Donkey bee suit.  This is a thing of pure delight to me, for some reason.
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I love this wire-and-stone tree.  Even more, I'd love to try making one.  Isn't it cool?
This is a handmade tree made from wire and semi-precious stone nuggets.
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After all, what's in a name?
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My pups do enjoy nosework.
It always fun to see how our dogs utilize their highly developed sense of smell.
Dog Scent Walks and Games
Dog Scent Walks and Games
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These cat tower beds are an excellent idea for multi-cat households, boarders and animal shelters because they only need a small amount of floor space - as well as being sturdy and fun to climb. #cats #animals #pets  
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This robot dog isn't very warm and fuzzy, but at least you wouldn't need to carry poop bags out on a walk.
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Have you seen this cute #cat #travel tale by +Dave Stone, with Deborah Julian's gorgeous and whimsical illustrations?  I'd love a print of the one with George and Billy (the cats) in Montmartre.
What would you do - if you were a cat? Stay home or follow the people with thumbs to Paris? One cats story about learning the thrills of travel.
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An stonishingly comprehensive collection of Googleish how-to resources for webmasters:
Create a Great Site And Have It Found In Google
1. Here >
2. Support/Help >
3. On YouTube >
4. On Google+ > +Google Webmasters 
5. Resources:
Web Fundamentals: a curated source for modern best practices
Web Starter Kit: a starter framework supporting the Web Fundamentals best practices out of the box
The Most Comprehensive Google Webmaster Tools Guide
The Ultimate Guide To Google Webmaster Tools
Bring your local business online -- no website required!
How Google Understands Web Pages
Analyze and optimize your website with PageSpeed tools

7. Google I Multi-Screen Resources:

8. Webinars: <- click here
Principles of Mobile Site Design:

9. Multi-Screen Starter Guide:

10. Multi-Screen Implementation Guide:

11. (click)
Whitepaper (download):

12. Web Starter Kit
Boilerplate & Tooling for Multi-Device Development:

13. Mobile First:

14. Mobile Website And App Analytics: Reports, Metrics, How-to:

15. Smart Phone Tips: An Advertiser’s Checklist for Getting Mobile Righ:

16. (click)

17. The Next Big Thing In Responsive Design:

18. The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Site More Mobile-Friendly:

19. The Full Value of Mobile:

20. #mobilefriendly #mobilefriendlywebsite
Webmaster's Mobile Guide

21. Building A Better Business Website:

22. Mobile SEO - The tool and the guidelines:

23. Google Web Designer:

24. Website Testing Guide:

25. The Short SEO Cutts:

26. Crushing It With Competitive Intelligence Analysis: Best Metrics, Reports:

27. 30+ Webmaster Guidelines
. Make pages for people, not search engines (
. Descriptive and accurate titles and ALT tags (
. Make your website stand out from others (
. Avoid tricks intended to improve search engine rankings (
. Make sure Google understands your website (
. Avoid using automatically generated content (
. Don't participate in link schemes (
. Avoid cloaking techniques (
. Avoid sneaky redirects (
. Hidden text and links (
. Avoid doorway pages (
. Avoid using scraped content (
. Add value to affiliate pages (
. Avoid loading pages with irrelevant keywords (
. Don't add viruses, trojans, or other badware (
. Avoid abusing rich snippets markup (
. Make sites with a clear hierarchy and text links (
. Use a site map that links to the important parts of your site (
. Don't have too many links on one page (
. Create a useful, information rich site (
. Include relevant words that help people find your webpages (
. Try to use text instead of images for important stuff (
. Check for broken links and correct HTML (
. Make sure dynamic pages are search engine friendly (
. Don't deceive your users (
. Make sure your web server supports if modified since (
. Use robots.txt but don't block Googlebot by mistake (
. Don't confuse Googlebot (
. Submit it to Google (
. Block unuseful pages from search engines (
. Paid links and advertising (

28. Finding more mobile-friendly search results:
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Don't even look at this if you're on a deadline.  :)
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hahahaha ... no, wait, actually that's more sad than funny.
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