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Renegade Ballroom is a both a style of dance and a different way of learning to dance that departs from the contemporary approach of memorizing patterns. Instead we focus on learning to dance as an organic process. By focusing on steps rather than patterns, Renegade Ballroom allows the dancers freedom of expression. Just like a bass player does not hit every beat the percussionist does, or the guitarist, or the singer... in Renegade Ballroom, the dancer is an artist just like the musicians. The dancers work with the musicians to give a visual compliment to the music.

Because the most interesting music does not conform to the even, metric structure of Ballroom, Renegade Ballroom was created for social dancing to the sort of music you hear when going out. It breaks down the patterns of Ballroom into three basic steps. Renegade Ballroom takes the pressure off memorizing the patterns and simplifies the process as much as possible. No one dances well when they are nervous and have to think hard on what comes next.

As a course, Renegade Ballroom focuses on establishing a connection with your partner so that the man can communicate, non-verbally, to the woman so that she can follow and the two can create art on the floor. The principle is based on kinematics and inverse kinematics. Don't worry about the technical terms... the upside is that with proper body position and connection the man has very little to think about other than what he is doing or wants to do and the woman only need react. This takes the pressure off both partners and allows them to enjoy and create art, together, on the floor.

For the beginning student Renegade Ballroom is an introductory course, a speed course in couples dancing and rhythm theory. For those who have already taken Ballroom or other dance, Renegade Ballroom is an in depth analysis that teaches you how to break down the patterns into their basic elements and put them back together in your own interpretation. With a focus on the connection between partners it allows partners to create their own patterns, while they dance, rather than being limited to dancing only the patterns they have memorized.

In a nutshell, Renegade Ballroom involves: the three basic steps that make up 95% of all dance; proper connection between partners; a basic knowledge of the rhythm structure of music and the styling of various Ballroom dances.
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Danced for over twenty years and gained a reputation as a competent and creative dancer before ever taking a formal lesson, Trained as an instructor in American Ballroom focusing on frame and connection, Was “discovered” by the director of the United Ballet Association Saenger Theater dancing with partner in a casino club and invited to perform as featured guest dancers at a Ballet production where we received rave reviews.
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