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Kevin Patton
Kevin Patton is an author, educator, consultant, and adventurer.
Kevin Patton is an author, educator, consultant, and adventurer.

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Lion Den Anatomy Lesson
One of the things about the new Lion Den site is that playful illustration you see at the top of the home page. I call it Lion Den Anatomy Lesson and it's the creation of renowned illustrator Joe Kulka . I first became aware of Joe's work when he did a seri...

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Utilize Clear Language
If I never again see the word "utilize" in a textbook, I'll be a happier man. A recent article,  Don't 'Problematize' Anything , had me shouting "Yes!" Which really startled the cat dozing in front of my monitor. The article discusses various issues that ca...

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How Dietary Fiber Prevents Disease
So why, exactly, is it that we should consume a lot of fibe r in our diet to remain healthy? Are refined fiber supplements just as good as, say, an "apple a day?" Recently, an article in the journal Cell answer seems to verify some of the answers for us. As...

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Pre-Tests as Student Success Tools
I always thought of pre-testing as something you do before working on a unit of content, later followed up with a post-test. Comparing pre-test results with post-test results can then be used as part of the course assessment to find out what, if any, learni...

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The Lion Tamers Behind Lion Den's New Platform
How are you liking the new look and functionality of  Lion Den ? As  Lion Den 's creator, I'm thrilled with it. As some of you know, I started Lion Den as a "personal" website many, many years ago—before most colleges had a website (not to mention a learnin...

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Spacing Your A&P Studying
Learning scientists are busy discovering and confirming all kinds of tricks to make learning a lot more efficient than the strategies that many students believe work well for them. One of these proven techniques that works great for learning anatomy and phy...

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You, Too, Can Join the Lions!
We recently implemented the membership function of the new Lion Den website. Besides the awesome prestige of being on the membership roster of the Lion Den, you will also have an easy way to access the various resources you may want or need in your learning...

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Nuzzel for Textbook Authors:10 Things I Learned
Whether you already have an email newsletter or a social media stream (or two) that relate to your discipline or your textbook(s), you may want to consider starting a Nuzzel newsletter. I have a few blogs going. Some address either students or teachers  in ...

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The 30-Day Challenge: Craft Your Plan for Learning Physiology
My friend, Dr. Margaret Reece, is offering a unique "30-day challenge" mini-course in how to succeed in your Anatomy & Physiology course. Margaret Reece PhD is an educator, scientist  and author whose expertise lies in the area of human physiology. Dr. Reec...
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