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Entrepreneur, Speaker, Trainer
Entrepreneur, Speaker, Trainer

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The Video Marketing Guide for Network Marketers

The Top 20 Video Topics and Ideas for Network Marketers is now a FREE E-Book! Go Here to Download:

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A Simple Strategy to Increase Your Facebook Edge Rank
Watch the video below for Facebook Marketing Tips 2016 and a Simple but Powerful trick to get more engagement.  How to Market on Facebook 2016?  Watch the video below :) 

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Facebook Marketing Tips 2016

1 Secret but Powerful Strategy for you to use on Facebook in 2016.

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Pruvit Keto Overview and the Real Story of Ketone Technology


Join Us for the Hangout at 2pm PST and you'll get to hear how +Michael Rutherford has lost over 46 pounds in just a few months using the world's FIRST Ketone Technology Product.  

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Let me ask you 5 simple and quick questions ….

Do want the truth behind achieving Success in Marketing?

Do you need to know what’s holding you back?

Want to know how to build ANY HOME Business?

Are you struggling rank advancing in your business and don’t know why?

Would you like to find the missing piece to your success puzzle?

+Billy Funk, Extreme Networker, top earner, expert recruiter, and master of the success mindset is hosting a call on Tuesday May, 26th 2015 at 8pm EST/ 5pm PST called “Extreme Mindset.”

If you answered, "YES" to any of those 5 questions, you definitely want to be on the call.

If you want to step up your game and have massive breakthroughs in 2015, this call has your name written all over it.

The nuggets Billy will drop on this call will by far catapult your business and help you grow.

This call will be totally generic "not company specific" and if you’re in our industry, you can feel extremely good about plugging teammates into the call to help you and them hit the next level in their business.
If you want to achieve new levels in your business and life, we will see you on the call Tuesday at 8pm EST!

Tuesday May 26th 2015
8:00pm EST/ 5:00pm PST 
Dial in: (530)881-1300
Access Code: 800071#

One more thing….

Like anything else in life our mindset plays a huge role in our success or failure.

Marketing is no different.

Recently I have discovered the exact mindset that most successful business owners 

have used to create massive wealth and prosperity in their life.
So what is that mindset?

Well...Join us on the call and find out yourself.

You will be glad you did. :)

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There's only one person's opinion that matters concerning whether or not you can achieve your dreams and that person is YOU. - +Billy Funk 
The Only Belief that Matters is Your Own

Even if the Whole World Believes You CAN'T Do Something, But You Believe You CAN... Guess What... YOU CAN!!!  

There are three things that YOU can control in life.... and someone else's opinion isn't ONE of them.  

The three things that YOU can control are: YOUR Thoughts, YOUR Attitudes and YOUR Actions.

Notice in the sentence above, it doesn't say anything about ANYBODY else but YOU. 

So...if you really think about it, the thoughts, opinions and beliefs that someone else has about you are really none of your business.  

It's their business.  And it says more about them than it does you.

People will perceive you based on their own conditioning and filters.

So don’t take it personally.

We sometimes hold back being fully ourselves or stepping out and living our purpose in a big way because of the fear of being judged and what people will think or say.

Here’s the deal: When you put yourself out there in the world and dare to follow your dreams, it is a risk.

It is a vulnerable and courageous act.

Will others judge you?  Yes. 

Will they talk about you?  Yes.

Will they project their stuff on you?  Yes.

Your answer should be:  WHO CARES?

It is what it is.

So hold your opinions of yourself to the highest degree.  

Never let anyone push you off the top of your mountain with the words of their opinions. 

Do not give those who don’t even know you the power to determine your happiness.

Do not give even those who know you the power to determine who you should be and what your limits are.

Know who you are.

And as you accept yourself as you are and as you are not, you become powerful.

You become free.

When you no longer seek other people’s approval, you are free.

As you release yourself from other people’s validation, you become truly powerful.

You will stand out.

You will upset some people.

You will create change.

Life is a daring adventure to be lived with no regrets.

It takes true boldness to be yourself fully.

People have the right to think whatever they want to think about you.

Let that be their business.

Always Remember: There's only ONE person you HAVE to live with for the rest of your life and that person is YOU.

So what do you think about you?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

- +Billy Funk 

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"If you sit still and do nothing, you'll will sit still and get nothing." - +Billy Funk 
No one else can succeed for you on your behalf. 

The life you live is the life you build for yourself. 

There are so many possibilities to choose from, and so many opportunities for you to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. 

Now is the moment to actually step forward.

Sooner or later, one way or the other, you will come to realize that it’s not what you lose along the way that counts; it’s what you do with what you still have. 

When you let go of the past, forgive what needs forgiving, and move forward, you in no way change the past, you change the future.

Once you’re over the excuses, give up the idea that you don’t have what it takes.

You do have exactly what it takes. Will it be easy? 

Absolutely not! 

Nobody is going to blindside you and hit you as hard as life will. 

Sometimes life will beat you to the ground, and keep you there if you let it. 

But it’s not about how hard life can hit you. 

It’s about how hard you can be hit and continue to move forward. 

That’s what true strength is. 

And that’s what winning the game of life is all about. So keep going. 

And always remember, if you don't stop until you get there, you get there every time.

-  +Billy Funk 

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Check this Out!
Chi Energy: The Life Force REVEALED!

What is Chi?  Chi flows throughout your body in what are known as meridians or channels.  One way to understand these meridian systems is to view them as a river system throughout our body.

When Chi flows freely throughout your body that means that you don’t have an opportunity for chi to become stagnant or to create an imbalance.  Overtime by nature, debris starts to collect.  

That blockage stops that flow of chi. At first it can be minimal.  
Over time it becomes harder for the chi to flow.

When you remove those blockages you have proper chi flow.  

And remember, when you have proper chi flow you have the key to anti-aging, longevity and optimal health.  This is where Bi-Bong comes into play.  

CBD combined with our Bi-Bong formulas are optimally absorbed by our human body.

Everyone searches for the secret to anti-aging and longevity… 

When chi flows throughout your body and you have an abundance of chi within your body, everything functions properly.  Your organ systems, muscles, joints, your mind, everything.

Bi-Bong formulas work to get to the root of any problem, and that is the key to anti-aging and longevity.

Want More info on the Cannabis Beauty Defined line that Janelle Kim is the formulator of?  Click the link below 

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The amount of DESIRE you have to INSPIRE will determine how high you ASPIRE.
- +Billy Funk 

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"Doubt Your Limits and Limit Your Doubts."


Don't let anyone tell you or lead you to believe anything else.

The thoughts and ideas that you hold in your mind can become a reality with consistent action and a strong knowingness that it's possible.

As a entrepreneur, there is no limit to the wealth that you can create and the wealth you can help others create. ➤ +Billy Funk 

For more #FUNKism 's go here  ⤵

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Extreme Wheel 40,000 Followers Circle 
from +Billy Funk 
Extreme Wheel - 40,000 Followers Circle    
Full content: Click Read more 

Hey Circle Sharers…. I’m BACK!  I recently took a hiatus from circle sharing.  I’m not gonna lie, I missed it… a lot.  Collaborating and curating circles of engagers, fans, followers and friends isn't the easiest thing to do or the quickest but it’s fun and worth it.  When you have a present for someone and you don’t give it to them, it never becomes a gift.  Gifts must be given and shared in order to be appreciated.  Google Plus gave us this incredible gift to share circles, but it is only a gift if we embrace it and share it.  

8 Months ago, I never would've imagined my following would grow to 40k so fast.  Thank you to everyone who has followed and supported me along this awesome journey on this incredible social media platform!  You all ROCK!

"When you look to your past, you get pulled backwards. There is nothing that you can do to change something that happened last week, last month or last year. Stay focused on what you can change. You can change your future, through the actions you take in the HERE and NOW.” #FUNKism

This is a shared public circle of a combination of active engagers, circle sharers and some of +Extreme Billy  and my (+Billy Funk)  favorite people on Google+.  The People in this Circle Make Google Plus More Awesome!!   


Want more #FUNKism’s?  Check out my fb page that is full of them:


Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for Motivational and Marketing videos


I recently started a Motivational and Inspirational Quotes Community and in just a few weeks it has grown to over 1200 Members!  Stop by and check out some of the awesome quotes that are shared there and feel free to share yours too!:

Inspirational & Motivational Quotes Community:


If I forgot to add you... doesn't mean I don't like you.... I just forgot to add you :)   

Thanks everyone! Make it an Awesome Week! :)

- +Billy Funk   aka (The +Extreme Networker)

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