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Der Spiegel's cover: "Asylum for Snowden!" with opinions from leaders across German society.
It publishes a manifesto from Snowden: "He who speaks the truth commits no crime," says the cover billing. 
Politicians from left and right call for asylum and for helping with a "European solution." 
From the right, a CDU politician says: "Snowden has done the Western world a great service. Now it is up to us to help him."
From the left, an SPD politician says: "Snowden is a hero not a traitor." 
Singer Udo Lindenberg adds: "Welcome, Edward."

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It ends up the Google+ limits the album size to 1000 photos. More of the same.
Flickr Refugee II
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An import from Flickr. Mainly, I'm just playing with the Google tools and interface.
Flickr Refugee
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Suffering Behind the Science Library

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Lego Intrigue

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A visualization of all the flights in the world for a day.
We can see on this animations the airplanes commercial flight everyday.

The main today trafic is still in US ans Europe but Eastern countries are growing and pull the aircraft market.

We can see also that during the second part of the night there are far fewer planes flying.
Animated Photo

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An incredibly well done animated short / advertisement by chipotle on corporate food production. The music is Fiona Apple singing "Pure Imagination".

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Photography book recommendations:
Photography by London, Upton, Stone ( This is a general guide to photography, talking about the generic techniques. Get an older edition, as the current edition is absurdly priced.

Real World Color Management, by Fraser, Murphy, and Bunting ( This provides a wonderful introduction to color management, which as it turns out is fabulously complicated and quite difficult.

Light - Science & Magic by Hunter, Biver and Fuqua ( A really nice introduction to lighting, including descriptions of the development of a series of photographs that illustrate how the lighting is refined.

The Photographer's Eye by Freeman ( This gives you a way of conceptualizing some types of composition. A nice introduction.

As a general note, I'd avoid buying photography books in any electronic format, as the author doesn't get adequate control over layout and display. The actual paper book is the way to go for all of these.

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An excellent photographic lighting resource.
Strobist's free Lighting 101 series originally launched in 2006 as the centerpiece to the site. Seven years later Lighting 101 has been completely refreshed as of today.

Over 4,000,000 photographers have taken this free, start-from-zero course on small-flash, off-camera lighting, changing their photography forever.

If you know any photographers who might benefit, please reshare this notice.

Many thanks,
David Hobby

(Photo by Strobist reader Sam Simon)

An open letter to the developers of ImgBurn (a free CD/etc. burning tool):

I just installed ImgBurn, declined all offers and got infected with a spyware app (in this case something called the "entrusted toolbar"). It took over every browser on my computer (the obvious changes were my homepage and all search bars changed, but in fact it did much, much more). I uninstalled the bar (which, as an aside, didn't do anything at all other than remove it from the list of applications) and then tried to reset my browsers to my desired state. Sadly, every time I tried to reset the configuration, the spyware set it back to the compromised state. I finally (I think) killed it by running JRT and ADWCleaner, but the whole thing took hours.

I would have been happy to give you 10 times whatever you were getting from OpenCandy just to have a clean program that didn't infect my computer. Your application was easily handy enough to be worth money. I had been very happy with your application, and had recommended it to friends.  Hell, even if the Ask Toolbar did slip through, if you uninstalled it, it went away!

But now, you have aligned yourself with people who effectively compromise the machine and then prevent the user from removing their software. I will now use every venue available to me to warn people away from your software, as it is now the modern equivalent of a plague carrier.

It is important to me that I can trust the developers of software that I use, and I no longer trust you.
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