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Joshua Hill

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Der Spiegel's cover: "Asylum for Snowden!" with opinions from leaders across German society.
It publishes a manifesto from Snowden: "He who speaks the truth commits no crime," says the cover billing. 
Politicians from left and right call for asylum and for helping with a "European solution." 
From the right, a CDU politician says: "Snowden has done the Western world a great service. Now it is up to us to help him."
From the left, an SPD politician says: "Snowden is a hero not a traitor." 
Singer Udo Lindenberg adds: "Welcome, Edward."
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Joshua Hill

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Suffering Behind the Science Library
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Joshua Hill

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A visualization of all the flights in the world for a day.
We can see on this animations the airplanes commercial flight everyday.

The main today trafic is still in US ans Europe but Eastern countries are growing and pull the aircraft market.

We can see also that during the second part of the night there are far fewer planes flying.
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There is a larger / slower version on youtube:
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Joshua Hill

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Photography book recommendations:
Photography by London, Upton, Stone ( This is a general guide to photography, talking about the generic techniques. Get an older edition, as the current edition is absurdly priced.

Real World Color Management, by Fraser, Murphy, and Bunting ( This provides a wonderful introduction to color management, which as it turns out is fabulously complicated and quite difficult.

Light - Science & Magic by Hunter, Biver and Fuqua ( A really nice introduction to lighting, including descriptions of the development of a series of photographs that illustrate how the lighting is refined.

The Photographer's Eye by Freeman ( This gives you a way of conceptualizing some types of composition. A nice introduction.

As a general note, I'd avoid buying photography books in any electronic format, as the author doesn't get adequate control over layout and display. The actual paper book is the way to go for all of these.
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Joshua Hill

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An excellent photographic lighting resource.
Strobist's free Lighting 101 series originally launched in 2006 as the centerpiece to the site. Seven years later Lighting 101 has been completely refreshed as of today.

Over 4,000,000 photographers have taken this free, start-from-zero course on small-flash, off-camera lighting, changing their photography forever.

If you know any photographers who might benefit, please reshare this notice.

Many thanks,
David Hobby

(Photo by Strobist reader Sam Simon)
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Thanks I shall eyeball same.


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Joshua Hill

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It ends up the Google+ limits the album size to 1000 photos. More of the same.
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I understand ... but we miss you. 
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Joshua Hill

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An import from Flickr. Mainly, I'm just playing with the Google tools and interface.
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Joshua Hill

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Lego Intrigue
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Joshua Hill

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An incredibly well done animated short / advertisement by chipotle on corporate food production. The music is Fiona Apple singing "Pure Imagination".
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Joshua Hill

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An open letter to the developers of ImgBurn (a free CD/etc. burning tool):

I just installed ImgBurn, declined all offers and got infected with a spyware app (in this case something called the "entrusted toolbar"). It took over every browser on my computer (the obvious changes were my homepage and all search bars changed, but in fact it did much, much more). I uninstalled the bar (which, as an aside, didn't do anything at all other than remove it from the list of applications) and then tried to reset my browsers to my desired state. Sadly, every time I tried to reset the configuration, the spyware set it back to the compromised state. I finally (I think) killed it by running JRT and ADWCleaner, but the whole thing took hours.

I would have been happy to give you 10 times whatever you were getting from OpenCandy just to have a clean program that didn't infect my computer. Your application was easily handy enough to be worth money. I had been very happy with your application, and had recommended it to friends.  Hell, even if the Ask Toolbar did slip through, if you uninstalled it, it went away!

But now, you have aligned yourself with people who effectively compromise the machine and then prevent the user from removing their software. I will now use every venue available to me to warn people away from your software, as it is now the modern equivalent of a plague carrier.

It is important to me that I can trust the developers of software that I use, and I no longer trust you.
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Thanks for the warning...
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Joshua Hill

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I spoke with Volaric this evening about planning a possible UCI event.  We can setup any game that we want, but Google does have some suggested games.

The standard games are:
AP based: The faction with the highest average AP over some fixed time period wins. Both Volaric and I thought this would be a problem for new players to participate in any meaningful way.

Link based: "Tron", where the longest chain of links wins.
"Capture the Flag" where each side designates a base and the point is to have a chain of links between the two bases.  We both thought that it would be more interesting to require that the chain linking the two bases require some number of links (e.g., at least three links required to win).

In any of these games, the play could be extended by playing multiple rounds of the same game, either to some fixed number or as many as fit within a given time.

There are also some standard cooperative game options where we try to spell or draw things. I must admit that these don't sound that interesting to me.

Again, these were just Google provided suggestions. Fundamentally, we can setup any game that we want to.

Some logistics: Prior to the game, all portals within campus would have to be made neutral. If we wanted to do the linking based games, it would seem prudent to provide both sides with some reasonable set of keys to discourage both sides from shaking down UCI for keys in the weeks leading up to the event.

Volaric suggested trying to host the event on May 11 or May 18, which works well on the UCI academic calendar (the weekend after week 6 or week 7). If we wait much more time, finals start to be a problem (these occur the week of June 10). After that, there won't be many students around until Fall.

Inducements: It will hopefully be quite fun! In addition, this would be a Niantic/Google sanctioned event, and we would get all sorts of fun stuff. If we can get 100 or more people to show up, the goodies apparently get really good.

bobthenormal seems interested in helping with coordination on the Resistance side.
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Joshua Hill

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As background, Niantic Labs (Google) recently asked Stefan Breunig, the main author of the much-loved Ingress Intel Total Conversion (IITC) user scripts (, to stop working on any Ingress projects and delete the work he (and 50-60 other developers) had done.  There is... let's call it "user feedback" in this google group:!category-topic/ingress-discuss/give-feedback--suggestions/VWW9i328cP8

There is a petition for Google to allow the IITC here:

What follows is my open letter to Niantic Labs at Google:

Dear NianticLabs@Google,

I would like to make a few points regarding your decision that Ingress Intel Total Conversion (IITC) violated the Ingress Terms of Service (ToS) agreement (, and asking the author to remove the script set and suspend work on all Ingress development.

It isn't clear to me that reformatting the data sent to my web client is a violation of the Ingress ToS.  The relevant section of the ToS agreement seems to be in section 3, which states "... you shall not:  ... (c) access the Product or Content through any technology or means other than those provided by Google... (d) extract, scrape, or index the Products or Content...".

Firefox, IE, and Safari are similarly not provided by Google, and I am surely using them to "access the Product or Content" via the stock Ingress Intel map; is viewing the Ingress Intel map on anything other than Google Chrome a ToS violation as well? What about a bit of local browser configuration that makes the font somewhat more readable? Changes the color to accommodate users who have limited eyesight, and thus need higher contrast maps? More reasonably displays photos? This describes most of the features of the IITC!

Similarly, it seems difficult to argue that any of these activities really constitute anything prohibited in (d), as the IITC is the Ingress Intel map, just in a different format. The more advanced plugins provide only a convenient interface for accomplishing the same tasks that can be done by separate calculating applications (e.g., the Ingress Portal Calculator, etc.). These separate calculating applications are wholly allowed by your terms of service.

Irrespective of the ToS issue, the IITC provides a useable informational resource that makes the Intel map both more helpful and somewhat less aggravating.  Frankly, the standard Intel map is a mess, and the rate of its development is glacial.  I understand that Niantic is resource constrained, but in this case it so happens that you have a large passionate volunteer expert-level labor force working on a project that helps the entire player community.  Not many people have such a resource, but you have been blessed by it here.

So, here's the choice that you were presented with:

Choice 1: encourage the 50-60 people doing free work for you, improving your product and benefitting your entire user community. This costs you nothing. You could even signal that you value their time by coordinating with them on data changes. You benefit, the user community benefits, your volunteer labor force feels appreciated, and your influence within the nascent open Ingress developer community grows. Your user community sees that you are willing to try to overcome your resource problems, and are thus more willing to forgive slow roll outs of... well, just about everything other than artificial-feeling product tie-ins that interfere with game dynamics.

Choice 2: Demand that they abandon the work they have been doing because it is violation of a deliberately vague ToS agreement. Ignore the user community's complaints that this decision seems capricious and petty. For a little bit of extra pepper, delete posts by users pointing out that the project that you are in effect shutting down was open source, and will thus move to a set of authors who are prepared to ignore Niantic's input. In this case, your user community gets the distinct impression that you don't give a damn about them, because you are apparently going out of your way to make their playing experience less enjoyable.

I think that "Choice 1" was the obvious one, but you apparently didn't think so.

Your reaction is dumbfounding. It's like you are a homeowner yelling at the volunteer fire brigade who is using your pool water to try extinguish your burning house because of the posted firm "no splashing" policy.

So Niantic: Please allow the IITC to continue.

Joshua Hill (Ingress agent Sabon)
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  • PhD in Mathematics, University of California at Irvine (Area: Algebraic and Algorithmic Number Theory under Professor Daqing Wan).
  • Masters of Science in Mathematics, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.
  • Masters of Science in Mathematics, University of California, Irvine.
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

Core Areas of Expertise
  • FIPS 140 interpretation and evaluation of products to FIPS 140
  • Security engineering and security evaluation
  • Cryptography
  • Network security protocols
  • Network security evaluation
  • Hardware/software non-deterministic RNG evaluation
  • Training diverse audiences in highly technical matters
  • Production of effective technical reports
  • Exposure to a broad cross section of marketed security solutions
  • UC Irvine
    Mathematics, 2008 - 2014
  • California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
    Mathematics, 2005 - 2007
  • California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
    Computer Science, 1993 - 1999
Basic Information
Ambassador to Mathistan
  • InfoGard Labs
    Information Security Scientist, 2015 - present
  • UC Irvine
    Teaching Assistant / Research Assistant, 1998 - 2014
  • InfoGard Laboratories
    Senior Security Engineer, 1998 - 2008
  • The Grid
    Systems Developer, 1997 - 1998
  • Cal Poly Library
    Systems Administrator, 1996 - 1998
  • Cal Poly Mathematics Department
    Teaching Associate, 2005 - 2007
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