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Web creator making cool things for you.
Web creator making cool things for you.

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Why we save (a kids perspective). My son bought this Lego set yesterday for his friend's b-day party this weekend.

He decides its so cool that he wants to keep it for himself so my wife says he can keep it if he pays her back (thinking that will deter him).

After some thought he calls her bluff and empties his piggy bank he's been filling up all summer. After helping him put together his plane I asked him "was it worth it"?

Without hesitation, with total conviction, he says "Yes! Dad, that is why we save".

Hopefully as he gets older he'll graduate from Legos to more practical things but when you're in 1st grade I guess Legos make the cut. Of course, now we have to go buy another present for his party tomorrow...


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<a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Linsey Knerl, John Frainee, Glen Craig, Miranda Marquit, Kraig Mathias, Philip Taylor, Gary Foreman, Andrea Travillian, Doug Nordman, Roger Wohlner, Peter Anderson, Gregory Go, Ben Smith, and Cindy Kang

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<a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Linsey Knerl and John Frainee

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Tomorrow I'm doing a Self-Publishing Q&A google hangout in preparation for the upcoming FinCon panel. You're invited!

If you're thinking about or in the middle of self publishing a book then this Q&A is for you.  See you there!
Bring your questions about self publishing a book. 

FinCon is almost here and we're getting ready for our panel on publishing your own book. We want to know what questions you have about getting your book onto Amazon or other publishing platform.

I'll answer any questions I can on the Hangout and those I can't we'll address at the FinCon panel in October.

See you on Thursday, bring your questions!

happy friday all!

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End of the year means performance reviews are coming up, here are 10 ways to get ahead at work -

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Kind of cool that my son will be getting the same Star Wars toy for Christmas this year that I unwrapped 30 years ago.

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If you lose your wallet during the holiday shopping rush, here are some tips to help protect your debit card

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I'm curious to hear what you think of the Motif approach to investing

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I think spending less than you earn is one of the biggest challenges for people fighting with debt. Messing that one up makes it hard to stick to the other three
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