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Buying the Correct Outlet Cover for Your Receptacle
The cover plate that is most commonly ordered incorrectly is the outlet cover. The 2 most common types of outlets are: Duplex: Duplex outlets have two distinctive features: Two oval plugs Open screw hole in center (for attaching cover plate) Shop Duplex Out...

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Replacing Your NuTone Door Bell Intercom Cover
If your home has an old door bell with a bulky NuTone intercom speaker, you no longer use it, and you don't want to look at it anymore, you're in the right place. We received so many calls about covering up old NuTone door bell intercom speakers, Kyle creat...

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Choosing Switch Plates for Dimmers by Type
You may have updated one of your light switches to a dimmer switch. Or, you may already have a dimmer switch, but you need to replace the cover plate. Either way, finding the right switch plate for a dimmer can be tricky. Use this guide to get the right pla...

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Metal Key & Mail Holder Switch Plate Hooks
Whether you live in an apartment, have little wall space, or simply don't want to damage your walls - switch plate hooks are the ideal solution for keeping track of car keys, outgoing mail and work ID badges. Add a switch plate hook or two to the light swit...

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Stainless Steel vs Nickel Plates - The Difference
Choosing coordinating granite, tile and paint colors is tricky. In fact, much tricker than I thought when I recently updated my builder-grade kitchen. Costly mistakes were made. Sigh Finding the right updated light switches & cover plates is an unexpected...

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Mounting a Screwless Switch Plate - Your Step by Step Guide
My brother is a big of a freak about organization. In his kitchen, the cabinet doors and inlaid with glass, and as a result, all the china inside must be perfectly aligned at all times (this includes the patterns on the plates and bowls). Another thing he's...

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Extend Your Switch Plate to Protect Your Wall or Cover Damage
The area around your switch plate may look a little worn - especially if you have wallpaper. Years of grappling in the dark for the switch can leave your wallpaper looking dirty and worn through. Another issue that's very, very common is when a hole is cut ...

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Identify & Replace Parts in a Low Voltage Lighting System
If your home's light switches look different from mainstream ones, and your house was built in the 1950's, '60s, '70s or early '80s, you probably have low voltage lighting in your home. It can be difficult to replace your switches if they break. Or, if you ...

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Find Dimmers for LED Bulbs | Kyle Switch Plates
Dimmers are a great way to set a nice ambiance and save money on your electrical bill. Replace a regular light switch with a dimmer switch and enjoy the benefits right away. However, if you've tried to replace a lightbulb anytime recently, you may have ente...

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What To Do When a Switch Plate [Or Outlet Cover] Won't Fit
DIY projects often come with some unforeseen hiccups and surprises along the way. My husband and I have done a number of projects that involved working around outlets and light switches and even though I know the importance of planning ahead and leaving ple...
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