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I just started my first IOS Storyboard in XCode. Why does it seem like no amount of screen real estate is enough?

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Question is "Should I take an offer of 100K + benefits?" at an untested startup.

After all this work writing up a innovative business plan for my IS605 class, I should try to see if any one is willing to fund the actual project in the real world.

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What's wrong with a man/woman who rides a bike? I ride almost everyday and I would completely ditch the car if I didn't have to occasionally lug around hockey gear, take a fat dog to the vet, and/or travel long distances. If more people rode bikes, we'd not only be healthier, we'd have lower gas prices, less pollution, and less traffic congestion. Stupid car companies!

Did anyone else notice the "Subscribe" button on Facebook? Wonder if the competition from G+ had anything to do with it.

Random Furry playing the violin on South U. and East U. today. Calls himself the Violin Monster. I think I've seen it all.

The other day my bike pump died and to make matters worse my tires are completely flat on all three of my bikes. :( To compensate for the lack of my normal physical activity (riding my bike to work) I've been making up weird exercises to do before I get on the bus in the morning - Do I see a Work Out Video in the works? Hmmm!
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