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I feel a little idiotic that I didn't do this until now, but I finally read the FAQ about that serial cable I just bought.

It turns out that you cannot sell apps that require the cable. At least it seems you cannot unless you are willing to create a different hardware product and go through Apple's MFi program.

That's a bit much for someone like me, working on it alone.

Perhaps I'll work on my app until I like where it is, and then see what happens.

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I was really hoping someone would do this. There are a bunch of devices out there that have rs232 ports in them because they are cheap, common, and require less support on the device than a USB interface.

I have this application that I'd love to get onto an iOS device, and this cable is the missing piece.

I can tell it's still early in the Google+ era -- people I add to a circle will almost automatically add me back, unlike Twitter.

I'm not complaining, I think it's cool.

Hi, everybody who just added me! I hope my tech-geekery posts don't scare you off.

Oh, and I'm a Mac/iOS developer, so hopefully my Apple-centricness doesn't piss you off. Fair warning.

good news for popcap: liquidity event! bad news for popcap: now you work for EA.

Hmm. This really does look almost exactly like Facebook.
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