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Horus is the sun and Set is his enemy which is night. It was said that Horus brings life to the land and his enemy Set would battle him at night and Horus would prevail again in the morning. HOLY shit, how can human in 2014 still believe in this crap. The idea is to learn from our elders and improve our thoughts with new evidence. That is how civilizations progress. Religion retards this process. The argument fron ignorance states that if we can't explain something than God must have done it. No, that just means keep looking for evidensury methods to find those answers. Until this nonsense is eliminated from our discourse,  we still lige in primitive times. How Sad.
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+Bryan Matteo It is definitely sad the effects that ignorance and arrogance can have on someone's ability to think critically.

As you've demonstrated here, you don't even know what an argument from ignorance is. What you're referring to is actually known as "God of the gaps" reasoning where we use God to plug up our gaps in knowledge. An argument from ignorance just says "This is true because it has not been proven false" or "this is false because it has not been proven true."

The feeble mind of the masses, like yourself, definitely merits a "how sad."
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