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For you Windows users.......
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Children’s eyes are sparkling as they anticipate opening the gifts under the tree. KDE Windows users get presents too! KDE Windows is happy to release our Christmas present for you:
Today we release the KDE Software Compilation 4.7.4 for Windows! Together with all the improvements since the 4.7.0 Release we are now also including:
Amarok 2.5, Konversation 1.4, Zanshin 0.2, Skrooge 1.1.1 and for the first time Simon, a speech recognition tool.
We will maintain the KDE 4.7.4 packages, but also start preparing KDE 4.8 in the next days.
If you are interested in supporting us or just want to see your KDE application on Windows, join us in IRC, #kde-windows on Freenode, or on our mailinglist

Here is a glimpse of the newest Amarok in Windows; the first stable, officially supported release:
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Dunno about technology behind that, but do someone know if it will be possible to use plasma taskbar and menu for Windows applications? (last time I tried it, it worked only for native KDE apps)
The Plasma Taskbar works a bit better now, i.e. it also shows Windows' windows and lets you control them (maximize, bring to the front and such)
Cool, I am looking forward to the time it will be able to replace Windows shell with it.
I already excessively use KDE applications on Windows, namely Dolphin and Kate. Windows Explorer is just not powerful enough (no Split view …) and Notepad is a … joke^^ And you can even use the native Windows Vista/7 theme engine, so nobody will notice that this application is not a Windows application :)
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