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I must have this manicure! Lord of the Rings manicure forges 10 nails to rule them all [Sci Fashion]
This is by far the sexiest thing we've seen all day. And yes, that just so happens to be the Tengwar inscription from J.R.R. Tolkien's _Lord of the Ri...

Take a look at "Mars Images" This is cool. Get the latest images from the Mars Oppurtunity Rover downloaded to your phone.

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The Great G+ South Africa Ripples Experiment

I'd like to do a bit of an experiment with everyone on G+ in South Africa. If you live in South Africa, please share this post publicly and ask your friends to re-share it. The share must be public for ripples to see it.

I'm very interested to see what the ripple will look like. If you don't know what a ripple is, look here

The ripple is starting to grow. Have a look here
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