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Love using this ROM, but I have encountered some bugs I would like to share:

- Profiles WiFi triggers ('On connect', 'On disconnect'), are not working
- Hover, 'Disable on lockscreen', is not working
- In Halo, even if "Ninja mode" is selected, it is always half part hidden
- Halo counter always returns to 1
- Profiles quick tile, long press, gives settings fc
- Battery saver quick tile, long press, is doing nothing

Also, I would like to ask to enable full duplex call recording, because recording only my voice is useless  :-)

Thank you!

P.S. I'm running latest Nexus 4, build.

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Dissapointed!   :-(

Sorry to say, but after two months of waiting, I was expecting more from kk Carbon.
Nothing compared with November's Carbon ROMs... nothing compared with existing kk ROMs...
Missing a lot of features, other kk ROMs have implement weeks ago...

Sorry Carbon team, I feel that my opinion should be heard... except if community likes only positive comments, like "best ROM", "perfect", "worth waiting" and stuff like that...

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@TeamCarbon, I know that don't ask for ETA is the basic rule, but I see left and right in many forums, people (including me), been disappointed by stock KitKat (in comparison what he had in carbon 4.3.1).

Kindly request, if it is possible to give us a very basic plan about KitKat (I know the very very basic plan 'when it is ready' :-)) )

Art or dalvik?

Would be possible when KitKat nightlies comes out, to use art instead of dalvik?

Most of the times I speak on the phone after I take phone away of my ear, other applications have been opened.
How can I solve it, please?

Second day with no nightly for mako?   :-(

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Does latest nightly (10-23) needs CAF supported kernel?
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