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Gabrielle Piloto
The Starlet Journals: Fashion, beauty & lifestyle from a 20-something just like you.
The Starlet Journals: Fashion, beauty & lifestyle from a 20-something just like you.

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Catching Up With Life
Hello Loves! It's been a little bit since I have been over on this space, and that's because I officially started my first job. As per usual, this job came to me in an unexpected way however, I am so grateful it did. I am doing exactly what I want to be doi...

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Spring Nail Polish
Hello Loves! So I fall in and out of love with painting my nails & nail polish in general. Anybody else like that? The majority of the time painting my nails feels like a chore, but I at the same time I HAVE to have my toes painted at all times. No matter w...

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My Favorite Goodies: NARS
Hello loves! For the second installment in my "My Favorite Goodies" series, I am sharing all the BEST (in my opinion) products from NARS. I am one that loves to mix products from the drugstore and high-end, but there are some things that I think NARS has ...

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What's In My Bag!?
Hello Loves! I hope ou are having a fantastic week! The weather in Tampa has been insanely nice and it can't help but put you in a good mood! I am going to be busier than normal for the rest of the week, so I wanted to do something special on the Starlet Jo...

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Oscars Recap
Hello Loves! Like literally everyone, I wanted to do a quick Oscars recap. I LOVE award shows, and The Academy Awards are obviously the mecca. However, as always one of my favorite YouTubers of all times Michael Buckley from the "WHATTHEBUCKSHOW" had THE BE...

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50 Questions Tag
Hello loves! I did something special today...I filmed a YouTube video! A while ago I did a few videos, and now I think I am going to try to post one once a week!  Today's video is the "50 Questions Tag" just so everybody can get to know me a little better! ...

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5 Makeup Must-Haves
Hello Loves! I always ask my friends for their makeup recommendations because I love knowing what their "go-to's" are. I feel like I am still working on the perfect mix of products that I think work 100% of the time and that I can go to everyday without fai...

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Sick Day
Hello Loves! I don't know about you, but everyone I know right now is getting sick. Some have the flu, some have a cold and I tried my best not to catch a bug, but...alas I did.  My sister had the flu and my niece a cold and ear infection, and being around ...

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New York Fashion Week: I'm Obsessed with the alice + olivia Fall 2016 Ready-To-Wear Collection
Hello loves! Every time New York Fashion Week rolls around my first thoughts are, "Great. More designs that can't transalate into women's everyday lives." BUT, I can always count on some of my favorite designers to come through and show a collection that is...

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Speed Topic Friday: NYFW
Hello Loves! So on Fridays, I am going to start to post "Speed Topics". Little snippets about any topic I want. Today's speed topic is New York Fashion Week.  NYFW started Wednesday and is followed by LFW & MFW showcasing Fall/Winter 2016 collections. Here ...
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