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Australian disease-chaser
Australian disease-chaser


More R than stats but: I'm doing some fairly involved classes with S5. There's not a lot of S5 documentation around and there's not a lot of guidelines of how to document S5 classes. Any pointers?

A talking-out-loud question: a colleague has approached me about working out the purpose of an interesting metabolic enzyme they've been studying. (You'll understand I have to be vague - it's someone else's work.) It looks like a deep, deep ortholog of some well studied proteins, but the alignment is as messy as hell, with short homologous regions interspersed by spaces of next to no similarity. The phylogenetics is, needless to say, problematic. I got some ideas for analysis but thought I'd throw it to the crowd. Anything I could try? Any ideas for deep ancient phylogenetics?

Brushing up on my stats and I've just finished "Thinking Statistically" by Uri Bram. It may have left me a little dumber. Any recommendations for borad statistics refreshers?

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Have spent the day searching for security holes in a web app I wrote. Would be a simpler job if I didn't have to patch them.
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