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{Care.Com}: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
                                                                                                     Well hello old friends. And new! It seems like I haven't posted in a while now, but I am back with a very interesting post! I am writing from sunny Arizona,...

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Dying breed of "Real Men"? No such thing!
I recently read an article on Linkedin, and while I agreed with parts of it, disagreed with most. Here are my thoughts: You can find the original article with...

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Some of the BEST winter dates!
Well, as we all know, "cuffing season" is well upon us. For those of you out there who's date night ideas have run dry, I have compiled a few that might be able to spice up your life :) 1. Take a spur of the moment weekend vacation Weekend trips do not have...

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Natural Deodorant: Does it REALLY work?!?
This post is a little weird! For those of you that know me, I don't have a problem speaking my mind, even if it might be on an uncomfortable subject. But for those of you who are genuinely squeamish talking about deodorant and body odor, we probably won't b...

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Flirty Women are RUINING Guy/Girl friendships!!!
They really are! Picture this: no drama, eating BOMB food, 1st hand honest guy advice and just hanging out ...things that I love to do, but don't always get out of my friendships with other women. Sure I have some good girlfriends and we are friends because...

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Happy Holidays!
So it’s the holiday season! Again. I went out to Arizona for a much needed vacay with mi padre. It was nice to be in AZ and
have a change in scenery. I simply hate staying in one place too long! Those of you
who know me know how very true this is! It is FIN...

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{Recipe}:Homemade Dog Food!
So, as you have probably realized, I got a lil' dog! She is partly a therapy dog, and partly a "just for fun dog". You can read more about her here! I realized pretty quickly that I wanted to feed her food that I could A) pronounce, and B) eat myself. I fou...

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Spreadable Butter! Stop Buying it and start Making it!!
If you are like me, you love butter. Butter on everything. Although Paula Deen should have kept her mouth shut on several occasions, she was right in the fact that she pushed butter like it was cocaine. Then there was Mama June and her fun family: via Googl...

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When it's okay to say "No" to a date, and how to find the RIGHT guy for you.
It's been a pretty dry year in the "raining men" weather forecast, if you know what I mean. I finally got over a pretty nasty breakup back in April, and I had HAD it with men. I looked around me and saw how my friends were suffering through their own relati...

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{Places}: Spitz SLC
As always, my review is honest, brutal, and straight up! I've been to Spitz a few times. It's located in the middle of Main street and State Street right off of 300 South. First time was with a friend who absolutely loves it and claims that it is one of the...
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