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Denise Wee
That sweet girl who love kapibaras~
That sweet girl who love kapibaras~


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Tokyo trip in Jan 2015
Really sudden trip to Japan because my parents wanted to meet their friends and I needed to do my school paperwork. So a trip to Japan! Finally after 14 years of wanting to come back I am finally back here again!! Didn't really take much photos but here is ...

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2014 to 2015!
Been so busy that I didn't even post my 2014 new year eve celebration! Damnit! Time for serious backlog to the past~ On how I spend my new year eve! I went to Catalunya! Thank you for the Lew family for inviting my family again!  Bought this dress from Taob...

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New Year 2015!
Sorry haven't been blogging because Im just so busy!! I am just so excited for this year! There is going to be such a big change and I am preparing myself for it. First up, I got accepted to Doshisha University and I am going to be studying my degree in Kyo...

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Gyaru makeup transformation
I don't really find my makeup skills is that good yet As I still not really good with my eye brows and other styles. However I just wanted to post how I usually look and when I get into my Gyaru look. I just bought this really pretty purple wig and I can't ...

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Sueann and Louie Loke wedding at W Hotel.
Is been quite some time already however I shall still blog this! Is the wedding of my cousin Louie Loke and his beautiful wife Sueann Yao. The wedding took place at W hotel which is located in Sentosa Cove, the resort island .  The wedding was a really gran...

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Kapibara 2014
Another year meaning another year for more kapibaras! Yes I am that crazy for kapis~  THEY ARE JUST TOO DAMN CUTE! LOOK AT THE FACE! THAT FATNESS! THAT CUTENESS!  So what happened this year for kapibara?  Brought this cup to my office for everyday use durin...

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Colosseum gathering!
I was working for Colosseum for a while since they were under staff. And it was one of the most fun jobs I had because of the people! I help out at GE3 and their events and I can say that it was so fun! Being a gamer makes me want to just stick around with ...

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SOBA-TEN Japanese Restaurant
One fine day when I was follow vincent to cut his hair at town. He brought me to this really ulu shopping center called orchard plaza. Which really look run down compared to the malls next to it like 313 and Orchard Central. So after he cut his hair at Veti...

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Natsumatsuri 2014
This is a throwback post for Natsumatsuri 2014! Because I was so busy with my work, I can't really find the time to blog. So decided to do now while I have some free time.  Natsumatusri, The one event that every Japanese lover wants to go. Because is an eve...

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LEADs by UBS Day 1
Been wanting to post this for really long already but been dragging due to work and other stuff. So finally I shall blog about the LEADs course that I went for a week which my parents sent me!  Is by UBS and I heard that my sister went for hers last year so...
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