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Question: Can a stone chip be repaired in the cold weather?

Brrrr.....It is cold outside.
In answer to the question....Most certainly....Stone chips can and should be repaired as soon as possible even during the cold winter season. If you get hit by a stone and it creates a star or bulls eye type break, on the windshield, call us right away and set up an appointment. We are a mobile service and will come right out to your home or work anywhere in Harford County, MD and parts of Baltimore and Cecil County. We will service you within 24 hrs.
Call us at 410-836-1624.

Then take these precautionary measures:

1) Be careful when turning on your defroster. Sudden changes in temperature can spread a crack.
2)Take caution when scraping ice or snow off the windshield in that area. Flexing the windshield can cause a crack to spread.
3) Put a piece of clear tape over the crack to keep out any dirt from salt spray or moisture from getting in the crack.

Once we get there and repair the crack, it will be sealed against the elements and you will be good to go. Call us today...Before that tiny break turns into a long crack!....410-836-1624
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