My friend Jay Gill sent me this email. I got his permission to repost. 

From Jay:
"As a biologist I can't tell you  how absolutely cool and how absolutely terrifying this article is

Why cool - well printing organs on the cheap, not to mention being able to experimentally construct environments to test in plus well your building biology

Why terrifying - for you engineers please note VERY carefully

- There is no off switch in biology.  If your experiment goes wrong and starts eating the lab you can't just power down.

- The biology does what it can to survive - DO NOT underestimate how inventive you can be when you evolve at 1 generation per hour.

- The biology changes on it's own - it's like someone comes in an rewires your protoboard every few minutes.

- Biology is small - sounds trivial but it's really much smaller than surface mount - so it can easily blow away fly up your chimmey cross react with the e-coli in your dogs gut and then you have green fluorescent dog poo - ok might be useful but you get my point.

For further reference see Jeff Goldbloom in Jurassic Park

All that said – DIY is coming."
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