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The terribleness of some big company searches
I just watched "Recursion Tree Method: Part 1" on YouTube. It is recommending dozens of other videos to me on the basis of their being similar to this one. Conspicuously absent is "Recursion Tree Method: Part 2." ("Recursion Tree Method: Part 3" is there, h...

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"I need to cover this material"
I have occasionally run across a professor who is very worried about how much material he will cover in a semester: "I've got to get through chapter 10." This is a strange way of looking at it to me. I am more interested and how much material the students u...

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Big Box Stores
Here is a paper Nathan Conroy and I will be presenting at the Eastern Economic Association conference this week.

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What's My Line?
Today's mystery guest was called, by Eric Voegelin, "the greatest philosopher of history of the modern West." Let's give him a warm round of applause: Voegelin also said that "in the course of the last 200 years no thinker has arisen who" equals me as an an...

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Looking like polygamy is next
Rod Dreher notes that the push is now on for polygamy. I recall mentioning to a libertarian-progressive gay-rights advocate that his arguments worked just as well for polygamous marriages as they did for gay marriages. Oh boy, did he become outraged! How co...

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The Bathroom Wars
I want to clarify what I think about the recent conflicts over bathroom access. If a man wants to dress up like a woman, or a woman wants to dress up like a man, it really does not concern me. And if someone who "presents" as a woman, despite having a penis...

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The Wheel Is Turning and You Can't Slow Down
Microsoft is running ads claiming that its cloud services are improving golf by allowing players to analyze every shot taken by every golfer in every tour event in great detail. This is an example of the "iron cage" of competition that Max Weber talked abou...

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How Progressive "Morality" Evolves
I have a progressive friend. A couple of years ago, when the bathroom wars were just kicking off, he told me that "they" were now going too far: "It is ridiculous to think that men should be allowed to go in the women's locker room just because they claim t...

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Phony-Baloney Progressive Outrage
The NBA has announced that it might deny the state of Texas the possibility of hosting future All-Star games if the democratically elected legislature of the state passes a bill stating that men should use the men's bathroom, and women should use the women'...

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Progressively Stupider Regarding Sex
Cop TV show. One cop sleeps with another cop's wife. The chief finds out. CHIEF: You slept with Harrigan's wife?! COP: That's none of your business! Every culture known to history, before the one that arose in the West over the last few decades, has known t...
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