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AdScribe India Inc
Website Designing Company in Ahmedabad Gujarat India, Google Adwords Management Company, PPC Management Company, Advertising Agency
Website Designing Company in Ahmedabad Gujarat India, Google Adwords Management Company, PPC Management Company, Advertising Agency


You are going to get what you pay for. "You can’t get the best and the cheapest” After all, if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys!

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 Good News is coming on your way to SURATI Business Groups

AdScribe India Inc the official & authorized Google Partner for services Google AdWords is opening a new office in Diamond & Textile City SURAT, Gujarat. Very Soon

However our team is already live with all the dedication and experience, contact us for any of your internet marketing service to be served from SURAT

Call    :- +91 9737795550.
Email :-

AdScribe India Inc is now certified Google Partner for providing services of Google AdWords in Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Vadodara, and, Surat

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AdScribe India Inc is now officially Google Certified Partner to serve in Ahmedabad & in Rajkot, Gujarat

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Google Adwords Search Ads Help you increase your brand awareness to the best possible set of targeted audiance

Over the past year the Google Shopping team has made improvements to help merchants sell their products with new ad formats and a new campaign type. These improvements would not have been possible without great product data from merchants to help build better experiences for shoppers. Today, to provide merchants with more flexibility when organizing product data and reach more shoppers, we’re announcing an update to the Google Shopping Feed Specification:

Mobile landing page links should be submitted separately to direct mobile shoppers to the right experience
Merchant-defined custom bundles, such as a camera with additional case and lens, must now be identified as such in order to be displayed appropriately on Shopping
Apparel attributes are added to allow more detailed descriptions of your apparel products
Item availability now simplified to allow a clearer distinction between different availability states
Mandatory character limits clearly stated for each attribute to help the right product information being displayed

Along with attribute updates, we are also revising image quality recommendations and creating a new landing page policy as part of the feed specification update.

Beginning September 30, we will start enforcing the updated feed specification globally, but merchants can submit the new attributes immediately. We encourage all merchants to review the new feed specification as some of the updates will require changes to your current product data. To find a list of all changes, view the updated feed specification in the Merchant Center Help Center.

Merchants should always make sure to comply with our Google Shopping policies and legal requirements while participating in Google Shopping to avoid any product or feed disapprovals. For more help with data requirements, please visit the Merchant Center Help Center.

Posted by Angelika Rohrer and Patrik Reali, Google Shopping Team

New Study: Search Ads Lift Brand Awareness

Posted: Monday, June 16, 2014 
Everyone knows that search ads are for direct response, right?  But what if it turns out that search advertising also has a powerful effect on branding?

That's exactly what we learned from a new meta-study run by Google and Ipsos MediaCT in 2013. We partnered with Ipsos to run 61 studies across 12 verticals, from auto to retail. Here's what the study found: search ads lift top-of-mind awareness by an average 6.6 percentage points.

In each of the studies, 800 qualified consumers ran simulated searches for certain category keywords, like “hiking boots” or “small cars” on their desktop or laptop. They were then shown either a Control search engine results page (SERP) or a Test SERP created for the study, which put the test brand in the top search ad position.

Consumers were then asked to name which brand first came to mind for the category keyword. An average of 14.8% in the Test group named the test brand, while just 8.2% of the Control group named the same brand. That’s a 6.6 percentage point increase or an average 80% lift in top-of-mind awareness.

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Benefits of promoting your ad with ad extensions like Call Extension & Website extensions on Google AdWords & Bing Ads

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