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Curtis Foster
Glass Explorer, Developer, Amateur Photographer, Technology Enthusiast, and Traveller
Glass Explorer, Developer, Amateur Photographer, Technology Enthusiast, and Traveller

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Interesting find from a couple years ago, a bit quick to jump to conclusions I'd say.

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It seems like Microsoft is shooting to compete with Google TV more than the PS3 with this press conference. And the way it's integrating apps into watching TV, it looks like they might win that battle.  Definitely some intriguing features on display here, but we'll see how well they actually work.
+Joe Blake 

Google seems to be taking some steps in the right direction. Definitely digging the new chat (Hangouts) interface, and it's ability to give desktop notifications for Google Voice without having a browser open is really awesome.

Now they just need to add texting (SMS) to it's features, would love for all of my texts, chats, and video chats to be done from the same app on any device.

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Big Gigantic - Beginning of The End (HQ)
A little electronic/jazz for the day

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David Attenborough > Morgan Freeman. Planet Earth + Life + Frozen Planet = Best Documentary Series I've ever seen
This utterly made my morning. David Attenborough pulls a Shatner and does a spoken-word version of What a Wonderful World, over some incredible BBC footage.

It gave me chills.

(Also, Attenborough can make spoken-word cool. Is there no end to the man's powers?)

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absolutely interesting interview with a man, formerly a scientist, who has devoted his life to Tibetan #Buddhism. It relates scientific ideas with many correlative concepts in Buddhism. Simply amazing.

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Cue competition for the next best way to pay for everything

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This is a Google+ Ripple test.

You need to reshare this publicly for it to work!

The more reshares the more interesting the test will be.

This will be posted on after we complete the test.

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#whatshot on Google+ looks an awful lot like trending topics on #twitter.... except googlefied. Going to be interesting to see if all these twitter-esque features make a difference, especially now that #googlapps users can join in. Finally an easy way to do my group projects online.
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