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Awesome, fed up with eclipse?
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Pretty good juggling skills, especially considering its mostly a single video take. The handstand around 3:30 is cool..

H/t to +Ioannis Tsoukalidis for the link
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Dear Professor LeCun,

Given your expertise in the field and, particularly, the link between the topics faced in submission XXXX and your research activities, I am inviting you to be a reviewer for the above mentioned article.

I would very much appreciate it if you could promptly find the time to give a quick look at this article and decide whether you can accept the invitation to review it. If you kindly accept the invitation, please return your report within 4 weeks after you accepted the invitation.

Dear Professor YYY,

Although this paper seems to fall squarely in my area of expertise, I must decline to review it.

I have pledged to no longer do any volunteer work, including reviewing, for non-open access publications, which unfortunately includes pretty much every publication from [commercial-publisher].

In fact [commercial-publisher] is one of the worst offenders in the rear-guard battle of commercial scientific publishers against open access. Why should people pay $31 to read individual papers when they could get them for free if they were published by JMLR?

Incidentally, I have proposed a new publishing model based on open
access and an open, post-publication reviewing system.
It is described here:
Your comments and suggestions would be welcome.

We are experimenting with this new model in the context of the
first International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR 2013)


  -- Yann LeCun
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Great introduction and overview of IndexedDB.. If you've ever wondered what happened to WebSQL, or how IndexedDB differs from localStorage, then this is definitely a good place to start.

Even better, Chrome / IE and few others are close to removing the vendor prefixes on it - getting close!
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+Skype  just released skype for linux 4.0. Over 2 years since the last release.

Here's a quote from omgubuntu, just a few weeks back "So, Skype for Linux: not dead, just in a coma."

My girlfriend was getting very frustrated from not being able to communicate properly with me on her 3G connection since I'm an almost fulltime linux user. At the same time I have been following skypekit development for long time to integrate it with pidgin.

The demo application already showed clear signs about the difference in voice quality between the 2.0 beta and the sample skype application. The new Skype application features:

- a call window like the windows version
- proper WM_ROLE settings for your window manager
- a conversation to relieve us from having to use skypetab-ng for clutter management

all in all a very welcome overhaul.
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well, so do i!
I like the new India Chrome ad
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