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New blog! A preview of my 6-minute panel contribution at Kzoo next weekend.
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Losing your Kzoo virginity, and I feel responsible. And dirty, all of a sudden. The paper is great and will elicit some very good discussion. I like the idea of the song as inhuman sonic force / virus and will say that someone -- maybe even me -- will as k you about Michel Serres' The Parasite, the title of which plays upon and the argument of which follows organisms like viruses as well as white noise/ static (ie inhuman sound). Parasite is both these things in French.
It's a good think I have a job interview at the Cleveland Public Library on Saturday, I might need to pick something up while I'm there...
My guess is they won't hire a librarian that misuses the word "think" for "thing." :) Stop dropping the ball, and let's catch up. I know you're not that busy. :-P
Very cool: thanks for sharing this ahead of time!
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