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Stay up to date with important Announcifications
Stay up to date with important Announcifications

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Good news everyone!

1. Announcify for Google Chrome, version 0.2.2 is out now! This update includes several smaller fixes.

2. Aforementioned update was made possible by the contributions of  +John Yoon , who is the new maintainer of Announcify for Google Chrome now!

A small update has been released to the Chrome Web Store a few moments ago, which fixes a bug which prevented the extension from parsing some articles. Moreover, all occurences of "&nbsp" are removed from articles - as requested by +Tom Reding.

I'm sorry this took me so long!

You can find the extension in the Chrome Web Store:

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I'm happy to announce an update for Announcify (for Android). It's been almost two years, but it looks like we're back!

Big thanks to +Andy Scherzinger for his work on the new UI. I think you guys will love it!

I'm not sure when this was introduced, but as of version 1660.34.0 (dev channel) Google's Chrome OS features its very own Text-To-Speech engine!

What does that mean for you Announcify users out there? If you're running Chrome OS, you no longer need to install a third-party extension first, in order to listen to websites and articles read out loud by Announcify. Of course, you're still welcome to do so... ;)

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The guys over at +MakeUseOf seem to love us! We're featured as one of "Relax While Working On The Computer With These 6 Google Chrome Extensions".

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+MakeUseOf reviewed Announcify a second time! Looks like they really like it. ;)

You can find the new, more in-depth review here:

And in case you didn't read the old review, it's here:

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Version 0.2 is out now. Please download it now, because we're having fun watching visitors drop in in Google Analytics Realtime. :)

This update is featuring:
- manual selection of the text to be read
- introduction of a sidebar
- improved design
- fixed bugs

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