I lost my nice wedding band a few months ago and finally decided that I need to get a cheap replacement online (avoiding Tungsten and Titanium in favor of Cobalt Chrome for the bright white color, if you're interested).

Not having a ring sizer handy, I found a chart on Blue Nile (at http://www.bluenile.com/find-ring-size) to help determine size (make sure you print with no page scaling). They want you to place a ring that fits your finger over their circles. In my case, with no ring, I grabbed for my Scotch tape and reversed a piece snug around my ring finger and tacked it to itself so the adhesive side faced out. After sliding the tape off, it pretty much held its circular shape if I just manipulated it in one point using the tacky side. I could then follow the directions as printed on the ring size chart.

If you have knobbier knuckles, you could tape your knuckle skin down flat before doing the reversed tape.
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