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This may be old stuff to a lot of people, but I've just mastered queues in jQuery and how to trigger the next event on completion of the current event ... without lots of horrible nested code.

see this jsFiddle for an example:
#jquery   #queues  

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I've just updated my Yii2 introduction on my blog ...

let me know if you want me to cover any subject in particular.

#Yii2   #framework  

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I'm putting a site together using a theme from +elegantthemes - awesome support!  

Very quick response, they logged into the site to help and generally very helpful.

Thanks +elegantthemes

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Regular Expressions

Like me, do you dread or avoid using regular expressions in code?

No more - this awesome site analyses your input string and within a few minutes you'll be done!

#regex   #php   #phpdeveloper  

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Terminator Robots and AI

Interesting article on AI - it's not the robots we should be scared of, it's all those hidden systems that run our lives.

#AI #Robots

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Setting up inliner

This is a very useful script to compress and html page into one block of code (all js libraries and css files).  It will also compress images into base64 ... why?

... Great for mobile portfolios


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Jump start Yii2 - Part 2

Continuing my series of articles introducing Yii2

#Yii2   #yiiframework   #phpframeworks  

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Jumpstart Yii2 ... Coming Soon!

I'm in the process of planning a new course on Yii2 and want your feedback.

What did you think of my Yii 1.x video course "Beginning Yii"?
What is your preferred format?
What would you like to see different?
How much would you pay?

Take my 2 minute Survey:

Are you an author for +Packt Publishing  What has been your experience of working with them?

#packt #packtpub
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