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The 10 commandments of collaboration - Collaboration is not just about sharing and communicating, but also knowing how best to distribute, manage and monitor your resources and ideas.

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25 herramientas colaborativas que no debes perderte

Herramientas y software que nos pueden ayudar a colaborar de múltiples formas para conseguir mejorar el rendimiento de nuestro trabajo en equipo.

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¿Será el futuro de la Empresa una mejora sustancial en lso sistemas de colaboración y workflows?

Cuando se trata de colaboración, todos pensamos en un grupo de personas trabajando por un fin común, independientemente del objetivo, proceso, propósito, estrategia y sistema empleado para reunirse y organizarse. Pero la colaboración puede implicar una estructura muy compleja en diferentes formas.

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Our problem is “rooted in the kinds of jobs we have, the kind we need, and the kind we're losing, and rooted as well in the kind of workers we want, and the kind we don't know what to do with.” - Joseph Stiglitz

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Collaborating With Customer Communities: Lessons From the Lego Group

By tapping into the knowledge and enthusiasm of thousands of longtime users of its products, Lego has been able to enhance its product offerings — without increasing long-term fixed costs.

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¿Como autónomo o PYME, qué haces para encontrar colaboradores?

¿Te resulta facíl buscar colaboradores en quienes puedes confiar para trabajar juntos en tus proyectos?

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Freelancers and SMB collaboration: united they stand

How do you find partners to work and collaborate with on projects? Is it a headache looking for contacts you can trust and who suit the needs of a project?

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"... "A service for sharing our interests with those who share our interests."

We may share a number of interests, but collaboration is what brings us together. I believe that it is collaboration that drives this network ..."
Google+ - Google's Collaborative Engagement Engine

“What is Google+?” These words have often floated down my stream, and have been the subject of many popular blog posts. To be honest, most of us didn't know what to make of this network when we joined. Is it social media? Is it a blog? What is Google+? I decided to step back, post helpful and engaging content, and learn how other users categorize this platform.

Recently, +Gideon Rosenblatt helped paint a clearer picture with his "Shared Interest Graph" theory. I've seen Gideon post about this interpretation before, but being a visual person it didn't click until I saw the slideshow he created:

"A service for sharing our interests with those who share our interests."

We may share a number of interests, but collaboration is what brings us together. I believe that it is collaboration that drives this network, and is the factor that sets Google+ apart from similar platforms. Google has streamlined the process of finding like-minded individuals, and I’ve had the privilege to interact with some great people on this network.

People like +Miguel Rodriguez, +Giselle Minoli, +Gideon Rosenblatt, +Thomas Morffew, +Rod Dunne, +Sophie Wrobel, +Susanne Ramharter, +Fraser Cain, and +Mark Traphagen. Using Google+ as our base of operations, we organized a team of fellow Google+ users from scratch, and created a document full of ideas on how Google can improve this platform:

Every part of this process was enjoyable for me. I had set a personal goal to get at least 10 people to contribute to the blog post. I sent out messages about my idea - not everyone said yes. But that was ok! Some may have been preoccupied, others may have been uninterested. This forced me to interact with people I had no prior contact with, and I ended up finding some truly awesome engagers that I may not have met!

Engagement is the heart of collaboration. If you do not engage, you cannot collaborate. So go out there. Meet some new people. +1, share, and create.

Use this service to find what drives you on Google+.

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Fantastic insights from +Harvard Business Review on The Secrets of Great Teams, in particular The New Science of Building Great Teams: Analytics for Success

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25 collaboration tools you should not miss - for projects, sharing, communication ...
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