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Another BETA released. 5.0.1 brings swipe to remove history, long click to copy history results, and a few bugfixes.

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We've decided, August 17th (next Monday) is official release date! To celebrate, the Pro version is only $0.99*

Thank you all for helping us test this app. We know there are a few bugs left, but we're proud enough to consider this a good initial release. We'll also upload the Holo calculator as a separate app for anyone that still needs some of the features that didn't make it in yet (eg. matrices)

* If you've already bought pro, we can refund you so you can enjoy the sale too

beta 11

Full screen graphs have been added! And, for paid users, multi-graphing.

From now on, we'll be working on stability. There are a few bugs I know about that I'll list below. If you find anything else, please let us know :]

1) [fixed] Sometimes all the buttons are disabled when opening the panel.

2) [fixed] History can be opened when in full screen graphing

3) [fixed] Functions button is disabled

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For anyone interested, here's another alpha. You can click on the graph to expand it to full screen. Also has a bunch of bug fixes.

A beta will be released soon, just need to add support for multiple graphs (another paid feature).

beta 10

Yay! We're getting really close to release! Now is the time to speak up -- how do you like the app? Would you recommend it to friends? Are there things still missing?

What's new:

- A brand new page: 'Functions'!
Click on the [+] and you'll see a(x)= in the top left corner. You can set a(x) by typing X/X^2 and then hitting =. Want to define a constant instead? Write 1,000,000=. The first 3 functions are free -- any more will cost $3.
WARNING: This feature is not open source. If that's a deal breaker, you can build the calculator (except this page) from source.

- Android Wear app
Should install immediately if you have a smartwatch. It's simple, but simple is good.

- Improved Floating Calculator
Improved the ui quite a bit. Looks very similar to the Android Wear app.

- Various stability improvements
Hex/Bin/Dec are fixed. Matrix page is gone. Should fix the immediate crash on some devices.

It's been a while since I've taken trigonometry. What are the most popular functions people would like?

Beta 9 is on the store!! :D

New panel switching (uses a fab instead of swiping up/down)
History groups together now (so 6x6 and 36+1 are grouped, but tan(pi) is not)
Graphs show up in history (but... still buggy)

sec/csc/cot don't work yet
matrices are totally borked

Here's another alpha:

Fixes floating calc, hex/dec/bin, random permissions being requested, some (but not all) bugs with graphing in history

Beta 8 is released.

-- Graphing and History were redone. They're a lot closer to the original mockups.
-- Material design animations were backported to 4.0+
-- Matrices are temporarily removed. I want to rewrite the display, which will take time.

-- A few animation issues remain.
-When you slowly open history, the formula and result don't perfectly match up. The card will also jump on some devices.
-Opening history while graphing is awkward
-Clearing sometimes leaves a white stripe at the bottom of the display
-- You can't pan/zoom the graph. Ideally, it should expand to full screen when tapped.
-- Matrices are missing
-- % is missing on tablets
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