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Attract the Life of Your Dreams


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Feng Shui And Color

In Feng Shui tradition, the use of colors can have huge effects to your home. Colors can play a major role in our moods and emotions. In Feng Shui colors are used to amplify the energies of your home to create harmony and balance.

1. Yellow - Sunny, Nourishing, Happy (Fire or Earth Element)
The feng shui color of sunlight, cheerful and uplifting yellow always brightens any home or office. Yellow creates a cozy, welcoming energy in the kitchen, living room or children's rooms.

2. Red - Passion, Courage, Romance (Fire Element)
Red is a strong fire element feng shui color. The vibrant red color brings the energy of joy, excitement and intimate passion. Red is the Chinese color of luck and happiness, and in the west, it’s the symbolic color of love, romance, courage and passion. Red is great for the relationship sector of the bagua.

3. Green - Growth, Health, Vibrancy (Wood Element)
Green is the Feng Shui color of growth, expansion, lively, action, decisiveness, renewal, fresh energy and regeneration. Green is very nourishing to your health, bringing healing vibrations from nature. Green can motivate internal change and personal development. Great for the personal growth sector of the bagua.

4. Orange - Social, Open, Optimistic (Fire Element)
Orange promotes lively conversations, happiness and good times into the house is often called the social color. Orange works great for the wealth corner, relationship corner and the fame sector of the bagua.

5. White - Innocence, Freshness, New Beginnings (Metal Element)
White is the Feng Shui color of new beginnings, purity and innocence that absorbs and contains all other colors. White is a great color to use in the creativity/children and helpful people/travel areas of the bagua.

6. Blue - Calm, Tranquility, Peace (Water Element)
Blue is a color of truth, communication, peace, calm, spiritually attunement. In Feng shui, the color blue is great for the health, career and money sectors of the bagua.

7. Grey - Clear, Detached, Neutral (Metal Element)
Grey is the color of focus, precision and protection. Grey is great for the Creativity/Helpful People and Career sectors of the bagua. Grey works well for an office.

8. Purple - Royal, Mysterious, Noble (Fire Element)
Purple is rich, noble, deep, quiet, wise and an excellent prosperity color as it has a high vibration, deep water color and represents royalty and abundance. Purple has the combined properties of red and blue. Purple is the perfect color for the wealth corner and has a feeling of royalty, wealth, and high spirituality.

9. Pink - Gentle, Soothing, Loving (Fire Element)
Pink is the color of unconditional love and feminine energy, which makes it a perfect feng shui color for the relationship corner of the bagua. Pink is the color of love, nurturing, romance and peace.

10. Black - Unknown, Infinite, Absorbing (Water Element)
The feng shui color of black represents introspectiveness, the void and absorbtion. Black is a great color for the helpful people/travel, career and personal growth/knowledge sectors of the bagua.

11. Brown - Strength, Grounding, Stability (Wood Element)
Brown is an earth tone that is very quiet, grounding and nurturing. Brown is a great color for the health, wealth and fame sectors of the bagua.
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Simple Feng Shui Tips:

1. De-clutter and clean your home. This tip is so important.

2. Keep toilet lids down and bathroom doors shut. If not, precious chi energy, and often money, tends to go down the drain

3. Try to keep pairs in the bedroom. 2 night stand on both sides of the bed, 2 lamps, 2 rose quartz crystals etc. This helps to attract true love and fidelity.

4. Arrange furniture so that your back is not towards the entrance to the room, office or home

5. Fix whatever is broken such as loose door handles, window latches, window screens etc.

6. Keeping plants, crystals and even pets in home creates chi.
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Feng Shui, Symbolism and the Law of Attraction:

I've come to realise that Feng Shui is an art of communicating with the subconscious mind to obtain ones desires. Its not enough to just consciously want something and manifest it, one must go through the subconscious mind. Emotion is the fuel which drives the law of attraction process and thought is the steering process. Therefore, one must know what he/she wants, drive it into the subconscious and feel it as if you already have it. Communication with the subconscious can be done through repetition, by hypnosis or by symbols.

There are 2 types of Symbolism:

1. Archetypal Symbolism - this is symbolism that is the same for everyone and is rooted is universal consciousness. The Tarot uses this type of symbolism and also classic Feng Shui cures such as the 3 legged money frog, mandarin duck pairs, bamboo wind chimes etc. Check out my store for classic Feng Shui tools

2. Personal Symbolism - this is symbolism that relates to oneself based on past experiences in this lifetime. Such as that special bracelet that your mother gave you. To others its just a bracelet, but to you, its a symbol of your mothers love for you.

Although traditional Feng Shui offers great tools and advice for creating a blissful environment for manifesting ones desires, I also want to encourage people to use personal symbolism. If you want wealth think about what makes you FEEL wealthy. If you want love, think about what makes you FEEL like being in love. Plant these symbols throughout your home and feel what you want passionately. I believe we all can have everything we want in life. I believe that we all can live the life of our dreams.

I wish you all peace, prosperity and love
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My Feng Shui Theory:

We have studied Feng Shui for over 5 years now. I've come to realise that Feng Shui works on 2 major principles:

1. Symbolism - The subconscious mind works on symbolism, therefore, keeping symbols of love and wealth in key areas of the home will help attract love and wealth through the law of attraction

2. Emotion - Emotion is the force behind the law of attraction. The wealthier you feel, the wealthier you'll become. The more love you feel, the more love you will receive

Therefore, i recommend placing symbols of wealth in your wealth corner, put symbols of love in your relationship corner. Set up your home with stuff that makes you FEEL good, loved, safe, beautiful and rich. And according to the law of attraction you will manifest all these good things in due time.

Wish you all peace, love, wealth and happiness
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Top 10 Feng Shui Crystals

1. Jade - Classic Feng Shui stone used in China for thousands of years. Used to promote wisdom, balance, and peace. Also attracts wealth and good luck.

2. Clear Quartz - Can uniquely be used to amplify the effects of other crystals. This crystal is healing, clearing, protecting and strengthens your energy field. Amplifies chi energy,

3. Orange Carnelian - Can uniquely be used to cleanse other crystals. Great for your Love & Marriage area, as well as the Personal Growth & Spiritual Cultivation bagua area.

4. Rose Quartz - Great for the bedroom or relationship corner of the home. Attracts love and romance.

5. Amethyst - high vibration stone which is great for fighting addiction and great for meditation

6. Ammonite - A fossil, not a crystal, however, the energy is clearing, powerful and energizing. Emanates the frequency of the Fibronocci sequence that all life follows.

7. Pyrite - Also known as Fools Gold, one of the best feng shui cures for an office, because it brings a crisp, energizing, optimistic and disciplined kind of energy

8. Tiger Eye - a stone of protection that is also very stabilizing and grounding. It enhances integrity, willpower, self-confidence, practicality and correct use of power. It is a stone that enhances good luck, and brings prosperity, often in the form of money.

9. Tourmaline - Has strong electromagnetic properties. Very grounding and protecting. Used to protect against electromagnetic pollution from computers and other pollutions

10. Petrified Wood - Actually not a fossil, but quartz that has taken the shape of wood in the distant past. This stone is great for growth in all areas of your life.
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