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the thing that makes sense to me is instead of gun control how about helping the ones who flip-out and do these horrible crimes before it  happens  on most all of them you here from  family friends classmates ect. who all say they noticed something was off with them if we could take a little more time to try to catch them first there would be no need to worry about it happening in the first place but no one ever wants to do anything till its to late then scratch there  heads and say who would have seen that was going to happen . the TRUTH is there are bad people out there and there always will be till mankind are gone so instead of punishing the good ones and praising the bad ones by giving them easier targets . if you take all the guns away a killer will use a knife if you take away all the knifes a killer will use something else when will it end . we cant band everything .to stop the madness stop the madman first speak up get them help .and if you are the madman ask for help please no-more need to die for nothing .

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