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Man M
A full time food lover and part time food blogger.
A full time food lover and part time food blogger.


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Vattayappam | Fermented Rice cake
Let us start with the name. Vattam means round ..So round shaped appam is Vattayappam. Vattayappam is a specialty dish of Christian families in Kerala. This fermented, mildly sweet rice cake is one of the main dish on the breakfast table during Easter or Ch...

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Thandai Kulfi
Kulfi is an Indian Icecream which has its own charm. This frozen dessert is traditionally made after a long process simmering the milk in a medium flame stirring continuously till it is creamy. Now a days we have several shortcuts reduce cooking process. I ...

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Dairy free Gulab Jamun
When we grow older, we tend to reduce the sweet and salt intake. I have a sweet tooth. And sometimes it becomes so irresistible that I end up making desserts. But now there is a difference. Earlier I used to make desserts in a larger quantity, and now I hav...

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Street Food Festival at Doha Marriot Hotel
I was 10 years old , when we shifted to our new home. Just across the road there was a small tea shop . They have a 2 tier glass boxes  kept for display. Every evening the box was filled up with snacks like bonda, parippu vada, uzhunnu vada, ulli vada and p...

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Visit to a Progressive Indian Restaurant
Every time when I receive an invitation from Food Bloggers Qatar , I get excited. It is all about meeting fellow blogger friends and exploring different types of cuisines and recipes..  Similarly few weeks back I got an invitation to taste a menu in Zaffron...

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Zucchini Poha
Goodness in disguise.. On a busy working day morning I realized there is no enough ingredients to prepare thalipeeth. The previous night I went to sleep dreaming of a delicious thalipeeth which I am going to prepare using zucchini which I bought from the Or...

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Sarson ka Saag Pizza | Green Pizza
Recently I got to know that there is an organic farm named " Mustafawi Organic Vegetables " in Qatar. They take the order on weekdays and every weekend they deliver the fresh vegetables at your door step. I always like to purchase fresh vegetables. So I end...

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Sweet potato wedges
Last Christmas Dinner was a bit different from my previous years. I thought baking and grilling most of them. And it turned to quite healthy dinner. In the menu it was Cottage pie , Grilled Chicken with carrots, a gravy,   steamed broccoli salad and sweet p...

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Visit to a stylish Indian Restaurant
I always believe that I am a blessed person who has the advantages of celebrating both Hindu and Christian festivals. Let it be preparing food or following any rituals of taking Lents and fasting. One such day I received an invitation for menu tasting from ...

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Prawns Green Curry
Extremely aromatic, creamy, bit spicy and tasty green curry.. I prepared this for a recent gathering for which the cuisine I chose was Thai. And this became one of the crowd pleaser. As I dint get the complete ingredients for the green curry paste, I decide...
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