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Has anyone found a way to let Google home trigger a smartthings routine? Best I've thought of so far is recreating it with an ifttt trigger to stringify sequence. I'd much rather just use what I've already built though to simplify future maintenance!

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+Google+Android​, what's with the zoom and burst buttons that aren't consistently on the screen but are always there when the camera app first launches?

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Ring of fire lighting!
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Charge your device faster!

I'm running the latest CyanogenMod nightly on a Samsung GS4 and when using Waze navigation the audio will not initiate the speaker until mostly through the message if at all. Anyone else experiencing this? Google maps works perfectly under the same conditions.

I'm on a Verizon Galaxy S4 with the latest nightly and whenever I use Waze the app fails to initialize the speaker until it is part way through the message. I've tried wiping cache and reinstalling the app. Anyone else having issues? Suggestions?

Anyone else having camera problems on the latest GS4 nightly? Camera works once and then won't open again without a reboot. Verizon i9500

Anyone else experiencing WiFi issues with the latest Galaxy S4 nightly? I (CM-10.2-20130927-NIGHTLY) I Can't seem to turn WiFi on from the Quick Settings Panel or the System Settings.
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