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on happiness
A few days ago, as we strolled down a street festival in Berkeley, Ted turned to me and said, "when we imagined our lives together ten years ago did you think we'd ever leave Manhattan with our two girls and find ourselves happy in California?" And no, I ha...

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Dispatches from Berkeley
Today marks eight weeks in California. When I look back on the madcap weeks before we left New York City, it all seems like a blur of stress and sleepless nights. And then you realize that the knots that tie you to one city will unravel quite easily in the ...

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We're moving!
I've let this site lie fallow for more than six months, and I've stopped and started this post so many times that it has almost lost its meaning. But how do you decide how to broach the subject that has consumed your family for the last few months? It's all...

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So, we went to Ireland. And the light was exactly as I remembered - blinding, sparkling, and leaking through every low hanging cloud. We spent three days by the ocean in Galway, taking bracing daily walks on the beach to watch the surfers.  And then after t...

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Warby Parker
In my line of work I'm usually celebrating book launches (and there have been some amazing ones lately, like Erin Scott's Yummy Supper , Kimberley Hasselbrink's  Vibrant Food , and Jessica Merchant's Seriously Delish ), but today it's fun to celebrate somet...

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We're off to Ireland!
We're flying to Ireland on Thursday night, and my heart is full
thinking of being back there after almost 4 years. It's been way too long. Last
time we were there, Lily was only 10 months old, and now she's 5! This is probably
the first holiday that she'll ...

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Newsletter reminder
Just a quick reminder that you should sign up for my weekly newsletter if you want to receive my favorite food, interior design, and lifestyle blog picks! I sent out my third newsletter yesterday. Enter your email address powered by TinyLetter

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Last week I got to see a phenomenon unique to Manhattan - a singular time of year when the setting sun aligns with the grid of Manhattan streets and shines right through the cross streets of the city. It's a incredible sight to see, not only because the sun...

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The curator newsletter
So, a wise  friend  suggested I turn my blog roundups into a newsletter, allowing my finds to pop weekly into your inbox, rather than waiting for you to find my entries. The more I thought about it, the more I fell in love with the idea of writing you a let...

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Foodie Finds
The days have suddenly turned hazy and thick, and seem to stretch on without end. How is July here already? And why do I express surprise every time it's a new month? It happens twelve times a year, so it really shouldn't be such a shock. Since during this ...
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