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OK, Today Kait has released 2 new outfits. She created these while sick and utterly exhausted.  I am so proud of my bestest friend!! We got an outfit for a girl and an outfit for a boy.  A must go see, and dont forget the check around for new pranks and the...

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{LBM} For the Boys!!!
OH MY GOODNESS!!! Boys, Boys, Boys!!!  This is all about you!!!! We now have the tux to match the dress!!! Come on over boys and grab these tuxes to match the gown made by Kait.! Oh yea!! They are all there!!! Don't forget too join the group as well!   Ther...

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{LBM} Boys Rule!! ( just for tonight)
OH MY GOODNESS!!! Boys, Boys, Boys!!!  This is all about you!!!! Kait has matched all the girls gowns with outfits just for you!!! So now you can match your sister, cousin... or match your baby date for that special holiday meal ;D Oh yea!! They are all the...

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Hello there!! Have you got new outfit?  Well go get it....! Fairy Garden Short Dresss! Also still fresh off the seewing machine..                                     Hospital Visit Kit    Comes with Gown (B&K), socks, Icebag & Thermometer.  The thermomete...

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{LBM} Morning News and Events
Goedemorgen, Bonjour, Guten Morgen, Kalimera, Godan daginn  Buon giomo, Buenos dias, God morgon, God morgen, Dobro utro  Jo reggelt, Bom dia, Dzien dobry, Buna dimineata,G'day, Zdravstvuyitye. For those of you who think I have gone completely insane without...

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OOOh this is the perfect time of year for this new item!!!                                     Hospital Visit Kit  Comes with Gown (B&K), socks, Icebag & Thermometer.  The thermometer has a hud and makes realistic sounds.  You can hear it beep!!! Omg this...

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{LBM} Gift Card Sale
{LBM} is having a great sale on Gift Cards. WOW!!! 250L Gift Cards for 200L, 500L Gift Cards for 400, 1000L Gift Cards for 850L, 1500L Gift card for 1200L, 2000L Gift Card for 1600 Here are photos of the 2 recently released gowns. They are both gorgeous. On...

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{LBM} Morning Edition 12-11
In the last couple days {LBM} has put out 2 new gowns!!! Gorgeous Ball Gowns.. here are a few of the colors ... There are a total of 7 dresses in tis one or you can purchase a fatpack!!! Also Kait has put out a beautiful Fairy Garden Dress These are located...

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{LBM} 2 new outfits!!
Well well, Ms Kait must like her food! We have a most adorable Fairy Garden Dress. The floral design on this dress is strong and feminine.  I am so in love already!!  And remember we also have the gorgeous gowns that she placed up last night!! Here are a fe...

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{LBM} Morning News 12-10
{LBM} Has a new gown!! in 7 colors or buy the whole fatpack! Here is a photo of just a couple of these fantastulistic colors!! The colors and shine on these gowns are outstanding! Come on over and grab these!! We also have an MM board to the left of the mem...
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