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Craig Reid Ewert
An old, old programmer near Denver, CO
An old, old programmer near Denver, CO

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At last, the thing that makes touch screens as good as keyboards. And better.

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Do not get this one.

I rented this from Netflix recently, because "Doctor Who". Alas! It is not worth watching.

First, it's animated in that combo of cell-shed 3d and rotoscope, which is not wrong, but I prefer characters allowed to move; these don't much. Second, the T.A.R.D.I.S. is gray, not the Police Box Blue that everyone knows it should be. The Doctor doesn't quite look like David Tennant.

They have added a pointless robot bird, apparently following the Disney formula that every cartoon movie must have a cutesy sidekick for "the children" to relate to.

The final straw: when the characters talk, the animators have done something wrong with their mouths. It looks as if they have put rubber skins over cheap robots. Sickening.

★★. Don't see it unless you must see everything "Doctor Who" and have already watched all the recreations of missing episodes.

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You all already Follow Ms. Day, right?

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Oh! Look!

I love a good Shakespeare comedy, and I love Joss Whedon's work, and now I Get a twofer. Everyone spread the word about this thing on the horizon.

Also, I enjoy the performances of many of the stars and supporting cast in this thing.

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It's not new any longer, but a couple of Friday's ago, Oct 21, I had my eyeballs lasered. Originally, I was just in for PTK, which is where they sandpaper off the epithelium in the hopes it grows back better.

I let them upsell me into also PRK, which is the kind that changes your prescription. The change was stark and immediate. I could suddenly see out of my eyes.

Now the fun part. Today one of the eyes came loose. It was excruciating. Lucky for me, eye doctors are serious about is, so there was a standby doc willing, on a Sunday night, to see me. He fixed me up good.

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Magic: the Gathering! I can't quit you, man.

Friday I went back to the local magic shop, and played in the booster draft they have every Friday ever. I lost the game, but "won" in that one of my cards is Jace, memory Adept, which is worth about $30 on the open market. Overall, I am 3/4 getting planeswalkers when I play in a booster draft. and 2/4 at winning.

Then on Saturday they had more games, with free cards galore. Now I have a big box o cards again. This is what I plan to do instead of bowling, or cocaine.

I work at Google now. Today I had my orientation, and it was wonderful. Free food, bicycle rides, sports, and the friendliest people ever. Plus other things that I can't tell you about.

I see that G+ allows me to "+1" my own posts. It should probably just assume I approve of my own work.
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