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Yushiro “Blue Halk” Yumiko
"If we ever get caught, you are deaf and I don't speak English"
"If we ever get caught, you are deaf and I don't speak English"


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I'm on it XDDx3 I need to learn responsibility!!
Should I try this? And anyone else who wishes to do so? :D
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100 truths about me!
Tagged by: +Atlanta
1. Real name: Giselle
2. Nickname: Yahiro
3. Favorite color: dark red, and black
4. Male or female: female
5. Elementary school: in cuba, hella long name
6. Middle school: a lot of them
7. High school: PATHS, Seneca, FLVS
8. College: not yet
9. Hair color: brown
10. Tall or short: tall
11. Sweats or jeans: pants
12. Phone or camera: phone
13. Health freak: not me XDDx3 at all
14. Orange or apple: orange, although Apple is great too. Just not so great
15. Do you have a crush on someone: yah
16. Guy friends or girl friends: both, although I've more guy friends than girl friends
17. Piercings: not even earrings..XDDx3
18. Pepsi or coke: either neither
19. Have you been in an airplane: yap, 3xs or so.
20. Have you been in a relationship: complicated, yah
21. Have you been in a car accident: almost, but never a real one.
22: Have you been in a fist fight: yup
23. First piercing: I've one permanent hole in each ear, ig that counts.
24. Best Coolest Friend: not just​ one +insanebotv21+Hansell Anime​ moth is already tagged lolx3 +GuyWthNotingMchToSay+Hello Bady+Midnight Skies
25. First award: i got a certificate for being my science teacher's best student in 8th grade. Ig it was that one.
26. First crush: just crush? A childhood friend that I just admired a lot
27. First word: how am I supposed to know? XDDx3
28. Any talent: if walking while reading doesn't count idk, cause that's all ik i can brag about
29. Last person you talked to: moth, told him I'll finish this XDDx3
30. Last person you texted: moth too, cause was a text.
31. Last person you watched a movie with: my mom? Or my sis idek
32. Last thing you ate: spam meat. XDDx3
33. Last movie/ TV show you watched: The Tempest 2010 movie
34. Last song you listened to: I forgot
35. Last thing you bought: idk lolx3
36. Last person you hugged: my sis

37. Food: watermelon. XDDx3
38. Drink: idk tbh
39. Bottoms: pants? Preferably not tight
40. Flower: Principe negro. Dark red rose.
41. Animal: cans and felines. Or bears.XDDx3 I like animals in general
42. Shoe: none, I like walking barefoot
43. Movie: the warrior's way
44. Subject: math

•Have you ever? (Put an X in the brackets
if yes.)
45. [X]fallen in love with someone
46. []celebrated Halloween
47. [By myself] Had your heart broken
48. [Idk?] went over the minutes/ texts on your phone
49. [X, wasn't so pleasant uk] had someone like you
50. [Myself, but not regrets] hated the way someone changed
51. [Idek what that is] got pg
52. [Hell no lolx3] had an abortion
53. [Maybe, but I think I would've done it again if I relived it anyways]did something you regret
54. [X] broken a promise
55. [X] hid a secret
56. [Yep] pretend to be happy
57. [X] met someone who has changed to your life
58. [Nop, my mom is a doctor. And so is my dad. Plus being sick makes me feels weak, so nop] pretended to be sick
59. [Left, arrived, will leave agian. X] left the country
60. [X] tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it
61. [x] cried over the silliest thing
62. [X] ran a mile
63. ["i want to" me too T.T] gone to the beach with your best friend
64. [XDDx3 Ask +insanebotv21​ ] gotten into an argument with your friends
65. [Who doesn't dislike Someone? Is not even hate] disliked someone
66. [Is been 6months and counting..] stayed single for two years since the first time you had a bf/gf or been single forever

67. Eating: water
68. Drinking: water
69. Listening to: You don't want to know XDDx3
70. Sitting or laying: rn standing
71. Plans for today: babysitting my sis. Yes, the whole day.
72. Waiting for: a couple more years.
73. Want kids: I like kids in general, but I don't think I want my own at all. Have enough lil brothers and a sis to worry for already
74. Want to get married: i don't believe in lawful marriage. If you can't be loyal unmarried, marriage will make no difference.
75. Want to travel: Hell yeah. XDDx3

•What do you look for in a partner?
76. Lips or eyes: definitely eyes.
77. Shorter or taller: idc, but ig taller would be better
78. Younger or older: idc
79. Romantic or spontaneous: neither/either? Idk, when I find it I'll know.
80. Trouble-maker or hesitant: I think most definitely trouble maker, but perhaps I end up with someone that keeps me out of trouble instead.
81. Hook up or relationship: relationship or nothing at all.
82. Looks or personality: personality.

•Have you ever:
83. Lost glasses: yap. I Need glasses to see, but the ones my stepdad brought last time weren't even the right ones and made me blinder
84. Snuck out of the house: yeah...XDDx3 more than once.
85. Held a gun/ knife in self-defense: I haven't committed murder yet, that's a no for now.
86. Killed somebody: Nop, yet.
87. Broke someone's heart: yeah..
88. Been in love: I believe I do.
89. Cried when someone died: not really..tbh.

•Do you believe in:
90. Yourself: I rely on myself as the only one I can control. So I have come to believe in myself to some extend.
91. Miracles: Yep. But I don't like to rely on their likeliness, if that's even a word XDDx3
92. Love at first sight: No. Simply no, cause if I start explaining why no I'll never finish.
93. Heaven: Not really. But assuming there is one, I'm sure I wont be there
94. Santa clause: never have tbh.
95. Aliens: live outside this planet? Definitely. Little green beings? Nop
96. Ghosts/ angels: Actually yes, I do. Is complicated anyhow.

97. Is there one person you really want to be with right now: yes
98. Do you know who your real friends are: I think I do.
99. Do you believe in God: Not really. I believe in the laws of Nature. If god is anywhere 'above' that, then no.
100. Post as 100 Truths: ig you can believe so lolx3

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+Hansell Anime
+Midnight Skies
+Dj dA Hardstyle Inkling
+Lady In Red
+Goddess Unknown
+Charlie Undead
+Isa Frankfurt
+Anime Romance
+محبة الانمي like anime
Idk why that went over there tbh
+Alexis Austin Anime Artist
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+Rebtories The Abysswalker
Been offline for a long while, so some usernames have changed or I've not recognized yet tbh.

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"...and hand in hand, on the edge of the sand, as we watch the gumusservi..."
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tagged by +Atlanta+GuyWthNotingMchToSay+insanebotv21
1. Any scars? One, in my right feet
2. Self harmed? Not physically​
3. Crush? Yah..
4. Kissed anyone? Sort of
5. Coke or Pepsi? Either, neither. I find no difference tbh
6. Someone you hate? From love to hate there's just one step. But no one, yet
7. Best Friends? The 3 that tagged me to start with, and tagging ain't working anymore idek why.. But Hansell Anime, My Lady and Hello Bady are the other main ones.
8. Have you ever done alcohol or drugs? Done alcohol? I have tasted/drank alcohol but I dont like the taste of most alcoholic drinks. Although I like Apple Cider and flavored beers. No drugs, without considering that all medicine is in itself considered a drug too
9. What’s your dream job? I like psychology. Human mind is interesting.
10. Ever been in love? Hell don't remind me
11. Last time you cried? When my mom made some soup with onions, I think it was last week.
12. Favorite color? Dark red, and black
13. Height? Idek anymore, I think around 5'8 maybe less maybe more.
14. Birthday? 11/07/00
15. Eye color? Brown
16. Hair color? Black
17. What do you love? Danger, impossibilities, risks, adrenaline, my sis and my mom, my friends in a caring way of love
18. Obsession? My crush, or g+. Or both.
19. If you had one wish, what would it be? Idk, perhaps not to wish what I wish for..
20. Do you love someone? My sis and my mom as my family, excluding most of the rest of my family, and my friends.
21. Kiss or hug? Both.
22. Nicknames people call you? Yahiro. Or Yisi around family. My mom's uncle side of the family gave me another but I hate it..
23. Favorite song? Take my hand by simple plan
24. Favorite band? That's a hard one to tell.. Roxette maybe. Idk
25. Worst thing that has ever happened to you? See 26
26. Best thing that has ever happened to you? See 25
27. Something you would change about yourself? A lot. But mainly, I would change how much I love what I'm not supposed to want
28. Ever dated someone? Complicated, yah.
29. Worst mistake? See 3, 10, 18, 25&26
30. Watch the movie or read the book? Both, depends on which I found first. And on the mood.
31. Ever had a heartbreak? By myself, yes.
32. Favorite show? Hard to tell.
33. Best day of your life? 25&26?
34. Any talents? Reading while walking? That's about it ig.
35. Do you wish you could ever start over? Hell no, not again.
36. Any bad habits? Who doesn't?
37. Ever had a near death experience? Yah, it was awesome..
38. Someone I can tell anything to? Surely not this post lolx3
39. Ever lost a loved one? Depends on which way you look at it, yah.
40. Do you believe in love? Yah, but only the real thing. Sweet talking is Not love, neither is lust.
41. Someone you hate/Dislike? Just dislike? Sure thing. Not telling though. Not just one.
42. Are you okay? Depends on what way you look at it. But I'm fine enough.
43. Relationship status? Aftermath.
44. Selfie? Let me think... that's a nope, I don't like pics
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+Midnight Skies
+Hello Bady
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Post of the month at least lolx3
Is been a long while ...
This is my new favorite word

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life. - Omar Khayyam

Pronounced: /yo͞odəˈmänik/

My good friend, +A Long found this word for me so I hope he stops by and gives us an example of how he would use it in a sentence! Be sure to check out his profile and collections if you enjoy poems, and interesting articles, and just plain fun. :-)

One possible way to use this word: In France the atmosphere is emphatically eudaemonic; happiness is the goal. Your turn.

#wednesdayword #newwordwednesday #words #newword #wordoftheweek #wordoftheday #happiness
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This be so me XDDx3
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Yap lolx3
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