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Fall Pumpkin Cookies- Made with Essential Oils
Ok these cookies are so EASY! There are only 4 ingredients 1 Spice Cake Mix 1 Can of Pumpkin 1 cup of Chocolate chips (add more as needed) 2-4 drops of the Protective Blend essential oil Directions: Pour dry Spice cake mix into large bowl. Scoop in the can ...

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Guacamole made with Essential Oils
I love guacamole and chips more than any other kind of food, so naturally I make it all the time! I love using my essential oils because they give the guacamole a very special flavor! I thought my guacamole couldn't get any better until Gina Truman told me ...

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Tune in for Tips: Cooling Peppermint
For those that have sweaty feet try adding a few drops of Cypress to the bottoms of your feet

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Tune in for Tips: Freshen up
Is anyone else bothered by that stinky smell that comes from the garbage can?? I found the perfect solution for the smell! *Add a 4-5 drops of Purify and Wild Orange to some cotton balls *Place the cotton balls at the bottom of the garage can The lovely sen...

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Bedtime Routine
Our bedtime routine! Every night before bed I put On Guard and Serenity on the bottom of Harrison's feet. The Serenity helps him calm down before bedtime. The On Guard helps support his immune system so he can fight off any seasonal threats going around.

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Handmade Organic Diaper Cream
Handmade Diaper Cream This recipe is so easy! All you need is:  Organic virgin coconut oil  Lavender essential oil A glass jar Pot of boiling water  ✔️Take 1/4 cup of the coconut oil (or as much as you want to make).  ✔️Then, place the coconut oil in the gl...

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Tune in for Tips
Today's Tip is,  Peppermint ..... Peppermint has so many uses such as; Rub on temples after you wake up for a morning
energy boost. Diffuse when feeling fatigued or low on energy. Take one to two drops in a Veggie Capsule to
alleviate occasional stomach ups...

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Eating Healthy
Using essential oils is a very important part of staying healthy although, WE also need to be watching what foods we are putting into our bodies. The essential oils can drastically improve your health but they don't magically make it healthy for you to go e...

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Tip Tuesday
I am starting a new thing called  "TIP TUESDAY"  I will highlight one essential oil and show you a special way to use that oil.  Does it ever bother you that right after you cut apples, they turn brown? Well, that used to bother me till I found this little ...

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Farm Fresh Jalapeño
This was my first attempt at canning. Surprisingly, it was very easy . I was always scared canning was going to be this huge process and that I would mess it all up. This was the perfect thing to can for my first time. Now, we will have fresh Jalapeño all y...
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