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What You Should Know About Credit Repair

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Student Loan Forgiveness Program
Student Loans maybe one of the largest debts you may incur next to a home or car

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Week 14 & 15
Scenario 1 – It would be feasible for the student to enroll
in an online course at a local school district that offers open enrollment to
students outside of the district to take the course(s) needed.  In addition, the districts have allotted
funding to cov...

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The Mission
The Mission of this blog is to arm individuals with information for two reason, one is to make informed decisions and the other is to lower the risk of being preyed upon from the lack of knowledge

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Part 2 What I know about K-12 online learning
Based upon the
readings and this website, what did you learn that surprised you? After completing the
readings, one thing I found surprising was the concept of virtual schooling is
not new. Before reading “Virtual and Distance Education in North American Sc...

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Part 1 - What I know about K-12 online learning
experience with online learning is relatively new and what I know and
understand about online learning is that it is another way of delivering
education other than in a traditional classroom setting. Online learning
goes beyond the four walls of a classr...

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Judging the Quality of Wikis and Non-vetted Sites
I am not a teacher
however I do design courses for students, in my opinion, I view Wikipedia as a
resource for students and depending on what type of information that is being
sought and what the information used for, will determine whether or not to use

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Building and Refining Your PLN
One of the areas I am interested in is researching the
effects that digital note-taking verses traditional note-taking has on student
learning. The three blogs that I have chosen to follow are, Nova Next, Life
hack, and UW Bothell learning Technologies. The...

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Week 4 Prompt - SAMR Model
I am an
instructional designer, currently I am working with Henry Ford College to help
design e-learning courses for the Industrial Technology department.  Substitution Henry
Ford College has received funding to form a Multi-State Advanced Manufacturing

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Week 1 Reflective Blog
I work with various age groups, Baby boomers, Generation X,
and Millennials. The observation that I have made with the Baby boomer
population is that they are slower to learn technology, are not trusting with
the use of it, don’t have the patience to resear...
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