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Mineshafter Squared
Alternative Minecraft skin and authentication system.
Alternative Minecraft skin and authentication system.


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Okay another update posting. I have made a lot more progress. The site is really coming together, it finally looks like a professional site, now that I have put the time into it. I can not wait to launch it, I think it is a much, much better website than the current one. I am starting to get excited about it, which means it will get done faster :).

If you want to take a sneak peek you can go to:

Completed Since Last Update:
- Site Statistics Recording and Display
- Finished main page layout (with the exception of the blog)
- Created Downloads Page
- Created FAQ Page
- Decided to exclude the statistics page (I will make this later if I want. It is not important to the functionality of the site)

Still have to do:
- User Account page
- Skin Management page
- Cape Management page
- Server List Front-End
- Server List Back-End
- Server List proxy modifications

Other things I have planned:
- New Forums
- User Linking functionality (will be part of the user account page)
- "Friend List" (really bad description of the idea but I do not know how else to put it, it will be a part of the server lists eventually)
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Just an update about the new site. I am about a quarter of the way done with the new site. And when I say new, I mean entirely new. I am starting from scratch using new technologies that should make everything faster and more reliable. That said I can copy a lot of my old code and just tweak it to use the new technologies (a little more complicated than that really but still).

I have completed:
- Entire game login and multiplayer server authentication back end
- Skin and cape back end
- Site login
- Started main page layout
- Updated proxy code to run faster, use the new site back end, and get rid of splash

I have to do for initial release:
- Finish main page layout
- Create pages: Downloads, FAQ, Statistics
- Port over skin and cape management system
- Server List back end
- Server List front end
- Server List proxy code (part of the easy server setup solution)
- Other stuff I am sure

Other things I have planned:
- New Forums
- User Linking functionality
- "Friend List" (really bad description of the idea but I do not know how else to put it)
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Well this has been quiet for a while. So a massive update is required.

The official game server has moved to 1.0.0
Instructions to move stuff to the new maps are on the official blog. (This will get taken care of mid January so get your requests in).

I have started working on a new version of This will be a much needed face-lift + the much needed server lists + new forums.
Once I get about halfway there, I will post links so you can check out the new site as I build it.

About the forums
I will integrate new forums into the main site. This will allow you to log into the forums using your normal Minecraft/Mineshafter account. I hope this will be easier for everyone. It will also allow me to customize how the forums work, they will be SUPER simple with features added only as needed. (more info on that as I get into making it).

I will also most likely move the blog over the tumblr depending if their API is easy to use. I still need to look into that.

There is a lot more to it than that, but those are the basics, if anyone has questions about any of the changes please ask them. If you have complaints about how things work now, please voice them as I will be able to change anything as I create the new site.

I have started doing preliminary work on all of this, major development will start first week of January. I hope to have most of it rolled out by the End of January / Early February.

Merry Mining,
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Official Game Server is back up. It is still on 1.8.1. I will update it once Bukkit has a recommended build out.
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I am actually getting motivated to work on MineshafterSquared again and add in some new features.... unfortunately I have even less time now than ever to work on it :(
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5500 Users.... With 264 New account in the past 24 hours.... And almost 900 people who signed in in the past 24 hours..... I am literally having a hard time believing this.
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Everything seems to be back up. But if something is not working for the next few hours see the previous post.
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So it seems my hosting company is having problems so as of right now the Authentication and Forum servers are down. Sorry for the inconvenience Ill keep everyone updated.
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Now we have a Google+ page! This will be the premiere page to look for the latest information about Mineshafter Squared. We have some great stuff in the works so stay tuned!
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