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Gaia Fishler
Beauty blogger- author and editor of The Non-Blonde
Beauty blogger- author and editor of The Non-Blonde

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Aftelier- Memento Mori Perfume Review
The Parting of Lancelot and Guinevere, photo by Julia Margaret Cameron, 1874* The sample of Aftelier's Memento Mori has been sitting on the side table for many months. I'd carefully open it, take a whiff, and quickly put the cap back on. Occasionally I'd da...

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Book Review- The Price of Illusion: A Memoir by Joan Juliet Buck
When I received a PR pitch about Joan Juliet Buck's memoir, The Price of Illusion, I was certain it was going to be a hate-read. Ms. Buck had a certain reputation based on her tenure as the American editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris between 1994 and 2001, when...

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Summer In New Jersey- My Top Pick Perfumes
My perfume picks this summer will focus on the here and now. Or mostly on the "here". Scents that evoke life in suburban New Jersey as I know it. The image above is a vintage postcard from Cape May, the southernmost point in the state (lovely bed & breakfas...

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Yellow Eye Shadow FotD- The Middle-Aged Version of Lisa Eldridge's Look
The mega eye shadow palette I had in high school included a wonderful canary yellow color that had one of the best textures in the set (the navy blue and deep purple were horribly stiff and unblendable, while one of the greens developed a hard surface almos...

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Glossier- Cloud Paint in Dusk & Haze
I have no problem admitting that it was Lisa Eldridge's fault. The moment I finished watching her "Illuminated Blush Glow" video three weeks ago I immediately clicked to Glossier's website and ordered two tubes of the new Cloud Paint. While Lisa chose the c...

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Moresque- Aristoqrati
I've mentioned Aristoqrati by Moresque as one of my top perfume picks this spring, and true to that it's the perfume I've been wearing the most over the last couple of months. In another life I might have picked it as my signature scent for the time being, ...

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Perfumes for an Italian Spring
We usually go to Italy in the early fall around our anniversary, because that's where the Blond and I have spent our honeymoon . Three years ago we went in early April, and it was decidedly different . The light, the taste of the air, they were abuzz in ant...

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Face Oil Comparison: Vintner's Daughter VS. Best Face Forward
One of the most requested posts lately have been a comparison between my old standby, Best Face Forward Serum Oil to the much-hyped Vintner's Daughter Oil (it was buzzing even before Gwyneth Paltrow Gooped about it). Beauty oils have become very popular and...

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Laura Mercier Editorial Eye Palette Intense Clays & Clay Smudge Brush
The best thing a cosmetics brand can do to get me interested in the gazillionth launch of the month is to actually offer something new. New to me, but also new to the brand, a product that's not a recycled idea from seasons ago, because guess what? I was he...

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Currently- February 2017
I've taken up genealogy research for both sides of the family, mine and the husband's, pondering the neverending and utterly confusing ways of spelling common names like Isaac, Rebecca, Esther, and Maurice, both populating every branch of the family tree.  ...
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