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Dear G+, I'm looking for some free DNS slave that supports IPv6 and DNSSEC to use together with my domain. Any recommendation? Google had some, but mostly consisting from one server in US... I suspect that some people that has me in circles might have a better solutions ;-)
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I have (some) domains hosted at and they do provide both IPv6 and DNSSEC. Still you would probably have to transfer your domains there to use their DNS service.
Well, I want to use my own master, that way I feel powerful and can do all nasty things directly in MySQL/MariaDB backend...
I have my own servers at hetzner's datacenter, with bind9 running, that could act as DNS slave for your domain.
+Bernhard Wiedemann That sounds like an interesting offer! Originally I was hoping to use some public service like slave DNS only with DNSSEC instead of exploiting somebody.... While thinking about it, it's just a slave, so I can let it live in US, if I'll decide to keep my server at least a little bit stable, hmmm... I'll test one and will see, I can always get more slaves later :-D Thank for your offer!
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