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Are thinking about buying Chromebook? Are you not sure that just a web browser is enough for you? Don't worry, you can openSUSE on it and fully enjoy this ARM machine!!!
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But for most of the people is web browser enough ;)
Yes, for most, but not for me and probably not for many people from my circles ;-)
Ok, otherwise. You should only relax at home and then is a web browser enough. In ideal world is at work web browser enough too, when is everything accessible from web - web based email client, web forms, web storage (like sharepoint ;D), citrix for specialized apps,... Programmers can use web based IDE like Cloud IDE :) and you can use Chromebook as a terminal to access your virtualized desktop ;))
Yes, but you can probably run Firefox or Chromium in openSUSE too ;-) But not be limited to run only that ;-)
To do all the other stuff like Inkscape instead of svgedit or to run tmux & vi....
aah, then I should run Fedora as I have Inkscape 0.48.4 there not the buggy 0.48.3 :D
yeah, or any other distro. Of course, you can use Gentoo, heck, build it all yourself. Nothing new there. But we're working hard to support this device very well, and with openSUSE being more stable and userfriendly than most other distro's, you've got a nice choice for these devices. Still, it's just an option, nothing to get snarky about.

Have fun!
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